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Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL
Sizes Tested: M

Ride Engine Says:

We created the Momentum, our first soft-shell harness, for those riders who desire the locked-in fit of a Ride Engine hard shell but also want maximum freedom and flex. The Momentum offers the same scientifically shaped Lumbar Lock back support and fit via a molded internal support plate. The Momentum harness connects directly with our patent-pending Unity Spreader Bar for state-of-the-art connectivity with the included Unity Webbing Clips (although if you’re stuck in the past and want to use your old webbing-closure spreader bar, the Momentum does work with it as well).

Visit for more info: rideengine.com/collections/harnesses/products/2021-momentum-black

TKB Says:

Talk about visiting the past, Ride Engine is releasing the Momentum which is the brand’s first soft shell harness that blends some of its hardshell concepts with an extremely flexible chassis. The Momentum is designed to give you the benefits of a super flexible shell that moves to the contours of your body and allows you maximum flex both in terms of waist-to-waist and torsional twist. While the Momentum looks and feels like a soft shell harness it seems to have some hybrid construction DNA that gives you a little bit of the flexy feel of a preformed shape. The Momentum incorporates the new Unity spreader bar system, except with a webbing system that doesn’t use the ladder-lock tuck straps to connect to the harness body. If you have an existing harness with an older spreader bar you can use that with this webbing system. The Momentum features a smooth interior, a kite knife pocket and a removable PVC coated rope handle on the back along with a bungee pocket that allows you to stuff your excess webbing straps.

The Momentum is a completely different animal compared to the Elite Carbon and Saber harnesses. The Momentum is extremely flexible with a squishy frame that doesn’t have the same feel as the other harnesses and can’t be compared to the hardshell technology in the other models. The Momentum puts more load on your waist and hips and gives you a ton of movement within its shell. You can feel its taller back attempting to disperse the loads and it has a fair amount of padding to maintain comfort at all points. The Momentum has two webbing straps on either side and is compatible with older Ride Engine harness bars or bars from most other companies. You can purchase the Unity spreader bar separately and connect it via the webbing straps, but you won’t get the same rigid spreader bar experience without the ladder-lock system. The Momentum rounds out the Ride Engine product offering as a good price-point harness for riders who prize flexibility and don’t need the rigid back support you get with the higher-end models in the Ride Engine lineup.