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F-ONE Magnet Carbon
Sizes Available: 4’11” x 18.1” x 11L, 5’1” x 18.5” x 11.5L
Sizes Tested: 4’11” x 18.1” x 11L

F-One Says:

Jump higher and stick all the strapless tricks you have been training on for months! With its surreal lightweight and low profile, the board sticks to your feet for the full duration of your tricks.

The reduced thickness brings improved control and an innovative flex to provide a lot more comfort and precision while riding and when landing, even in the harshest conditions. It’s a totally new feel in terms of control, with a more direct feedback. Its straight rocker line combined with the parallel outline offers the speed and stability you need to boost huge aerial tricks.

Combining the deep channels, precisely carved on the bottom of the board, together with the right amount of flex makes the landings a lot more controlled and smoother. The Magnet Carbon is built using the innovative Slimtech Carbon Custom process making it both light and incredibly robust, probably the two most important aspects of a strapless freestyle board.

Transform your ride with the Magnet Carbon, the most innovative strapless board on the market.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/magnet-carbon/

Tkb Says:

From the second you pick up the Magnet Carbon in hand it is obvious that this board is purpose-built for maximizing your strapless freestyle pleasure. The Magnet Carbon features super thin construction that looks like a hybrid between a twin tip and a surfboard, but the weight is so clearly featherweight that you know there’s some serious high-tech carbon holding this thing together. The Magnet comes with Future fin boxes and has a channeled, double concave bottom with an exaggerated spine down its center; the rails look fairly straight under your front foot, boxy nose and tail hips. The board’s mid-section outline is indented with grab rails for tricks. The deckpad runs ¾ length with a soft corduroy feel, a kick on the tail and a raised bump on the front to keep your feet on the board. The board skips straps inserts, one of the ways it arrives at its mind-blowing light weight.

When you combine the low weight with the wide and boxy surface area of the board you get a design that is purpose-built to levitate to your feet during airs. As you head out on your first tack you will feel the board reacting to every piece of chop with the tail template and rocker seeming to want to launch off even the smallest ripple. The Magnet feels super poppy and ready to make just about anything a ramp. On hard upwind slogs, the light weight and rail template gives the board a little bit of chatter as it cuts through the chop, but with its thin straight rails and extra channeling on the bottom, it is easy to control and efficient through the water. In terms of launching airs, the Magnet’s incredibly low weight helps with the release—as you load and release the edge, the board accelerates effortlessly with you into the air where technique and wind will help you stick the biggest multi-rotational jumps. If you were doing single front rolls before, with the Magnet you’ll be doing double fronts. The side question is how does a strapless board do in the surf? The tail doesn’t have that much grip and its rocker isn’t built for seamless transitions between bottom turns, pivots in the pocket and slashes off the lip, so the Magnet is not as fluid as a traditional surfboard. It’s not that you can’t have fun in the surf with this board, but you will have to pay a bit more attention to rail control—it’s just a bit more technical and not its strong suit. The Magnet is a piece of technology that is designed to push strapless freestyle evolution and give you the tools to reach the next level.