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REEDIN NoBrainer
Sizes Available: 5’0” x 18.25” x 20L, 5’2” x 18.4” x 22L
Sizes Tested: 5’0” x 18.25” x 20L

Reedin Says:

Aiming at kiteboarders that want a directional board for every situation. The NoBrainer excels at riding in choppy water, its outline provides amazing homogeneity in the air when jumping, keeping the board stuck to your feet, while the unique rocker will allow for serious waveriding no matter the type of waves. Its unique kick rocker allows for the easiest pure flat water “ollie type” jumps you’ll ever experience.

Visit for more info: www.reedinkites.com/products/nobrainer/

Tkb Says:

With much of the kite world experimenting with short cut-off shapes that provide easy pack up and traveling along with versatile riding across a range of conditions, the NoBrainer is exactly that, an easy decision. The NoBrainer features a high-density waterproof XPS core with high quality construction in Portugal that delivers performance-oriented low weight with an excellent feel and durability. The bottom shape has a double channeled concave bottom with a step tail and high quality honeycomb 112mm Reedin fins with Future style boxes. The deck saves weight by not coming with strap inserts and features a ¾ length deck pad with a softer density waffle EVA that is thin but comfy and sports a kick on the tail to keep your backfoot in place. With a wider template, the NoBrainer features a boxy tip and tail with a straighter rocker in the mid-section, with more rocker in the tip and tail.

The first thing we noticed from the second we headed out is that the board feels very active with a lively, almost poppy feel that seems ready to bust an air off just about any piece of chop. The NoBrainer loves speed””you can feel its flat rocker in the center and clean release on the step tail working together for a fast and efficient feel through the water. This easy planing feel is great for underpowered waterstarts and skating through lulls and paid dividends as the wind dropped but the waves were still pumping. The construction feels incredibly light in your hand and the attention to construction details is apparent to the eye as well as its active feel in the water. When you launch airs the board sticks to your feet and accelerates with you as you initiate rolls. The wider template pushes against the wind and levitates the board against your feet for longer airs and this earns the NoBrainer high marks for strapless freestyle. In terms of riding waves, we had the most fun in small to medium-sized waves where tight slashes and maneuverability is key. The NoBrainer can also be ridden in bigger surf, but during critical high speed sections it requires more attention to keep it under control. The NoBrainer’s tail feels really slashy in the pocket; it’s easy to break the tail loose and release its grip. The NoBrainer excels in fun, aerial and freestyle conditions, with easy front and backrolls. Its wide deck is a great platform for dialing in your strapless footwork and its side to side stability in transitions offers up something for all levels. This board gets a double thumbs up for the casual freeride surfer and creative strapless freestyle riding””its lively handling brings excitement to small and medium-sized surf.