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SLINGSHOT Dwarf Craft 110
Sizes Available: 100 x 46cm x 11L, 110 x 46cm x 14L, 120 x 48cm x 24L
Sizes Tested:110 x 46cm x 14L

Slingshot Says:

Boasting an all-new state of the art layup, the new Dwarf Craft range is even lighter than its predecessors. Decreased size and weight have increased the board’s responsiveness, agility, and direct feeling. We also maximized the line’s nose rocker to help the touch and go performance of this new shorter profile.

The Dwarf Craft 110 is perfect for the intermediate riders who are looking for the perfect blend of performance and comfort in a progressive foil board shape. Boasting an all-new state of the art layup, the new Dwarf Craft range is even lighter than its predecessors. If you are looking for great carving and control in a lightweight package but aren’t looking to sacrifice stability and buoyancy, then the Dwarf Craft 110 is the perfect foil board for you.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/2021-Dwarfcraft

Tkb Says:

This year the entire Dwarf Craft line went back to the drawing board with new construction and new sizes. As of last year, the line was measured in inches, much like surfboards, but this year the board lineup is marketed in centimeters with three easy to comprehend sizes: 100, 110 and 120cm. The smallest 100cm board is smaller than last year’s Micro Dwarf, and this year’s largest 120cm board is slightly shorter than last year’s largest model. The Dwarf Craft line comes in three color-coded sizes with a ton of insert options; 4 forward/aft centerline options for the rear foot strap, and four forward/aft options for the front foot in both duck stance and down the center. The Dwarf Craft gets a leash plug on the nose (if you want to wear a leash); the deck features a slim but comfy corduroy full length deck pad with a tail kick on the tail to keep your feet on the board and subtle concave on the deck. The bottom gets the Dwarf Craft trademark beveled rails and the foil mount tracks with a clear visual indicator for getting your mast track settings perfect every time.

The Dwarf Craft with its construction refinements loses a bit of weight and continues to be one of the slickest platforms for intermediate and advanced riders. The 110 does a great job of balancing performance against usability; with its wide nose it’s fairly easy to waterstart for skilled riders, yet it still feels highly responsive with its thin deck and small template. The board’s subtle concave deck gives your feet clues about placement and the rails are fairly forgiving when they touchdown. The 110 is by all means an intermediate and advanced board, but it has just enough size to take the edge off of riding a high performance foilboard for those in the middle of the intermediate skill level. For others that are just scratching the bottom rung of the intermediate level, there’s the 120cm version with an extra 10L of floatation and surface area that will give newer riders a boost up into Freddy Hope land.

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