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Sizes Available: 44-52cm, 52-60cm
Sizes Tested: 44-52cm

Cabrinha Says:

The Overdrive Modular 1X is the control system for the next generation. Customization and personalization are at the core of this extremely versatile control bar. The Modular system allows you to easily customize your connection method to perfectly match your style of riding. Configure your connection for Freestyle, Surfing, Freeriding, Foiling, or Racing in under 3 seconds. Your specialized method of connection simply attaches or detaches without the need for tools or complicated instructions. All connection methods attach directly to our all new streamlined Quick Release. This all new QR is based on the proven and time-tested geometry of the QuickLoop.

Designed for every rider from beginner to pro who uses an inflatable kite with a single line (1X) compatible method of security. Adjustable bar length and a cleat trim are a priority.

Visit for more info: www.cabrinha.com/collections/bars/products/overdrive-modular-with-trimlite

TKB Says:

The Cabrinha brand has been putting a great deal of energy into the evolution of control bars and safety systems in the last few years. This year the Overdrive control bar gets the Modular option which allows the user to roll with a quick release that seamlessly swaps between four different harness connection points to match varying styles of riding. Depending on your session, you can choose a larger loop for unhooking, a smaller loop for freeride, the fireball for surfing, or a stainless hook option for rope slider bars. No wrenches or allen keys are needed to make the swap and there are no loose screws or parts to be dropped in the sand””just a quick swap gets you the connection point you desire. If you prefer the standard quick release, the Quickloop is still available.

The bar chassis was redesigned last year and features an adjustable length system that can be changed on the beach by pulling out a plastic insert from the bottom of the bar end and rotating it to change its effective length. The control system’s outside line lengths are easily tunable inside the bar and this is all accomplished with a smaller, cleaner and lighter bar end. The Overdrive comes with a low V in the center lines and the Trimlight system above the bar uses a power tuning cleat with a bungee built into spectra line to keep the excess slack from getting in the way. The center lines end in knots and the outside lines end in a larks head loop. The kite safety system depowers along a single centerline that runs down the PVC-coated throw line, through the bar and out through the center of the quick release for a cleanly routed safety system that is well designed and highlights safety. The quick release features a red push away handle along with a hand swivel that doubles as a travel guard. The center of the bar is aluminum and features a Cabrinha logo etched into the metal on one side so that the rider can tell when the bar is being held the correct way. The bar ends feature integrated molded foam floats, ample space for cleanly wrapping your lines and a bungee for keeping your lines cleanly stowed. The ergonomics of the bar grip feature asymmetrical bumps that nestle between your fingers with firm EVA that has the right balance between plush comfort and firmness with small textured indentations. The rubbery bumps on the top make the bar feel grippy, so it feels like your hand is pretty well planted on this nice comfy grip. The bar chassis is clean and light; perfect material selection makes everything on Cabrinha’s Overdrive Modular 1x Trimlite work well together with a really nice lightweight control system.


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