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SLINGSHOT Phantasm 633
Sizes Available: Front Wing PFH 633, Back Wing PS400, Mast 92cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing PFH 633, Back Wing PS400, Mast 92cm


The Phantasm 633 is a high-performance carbon freeride foil with tons of versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction. The Phantasm 633 is made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon, but with a larger, lower aspect front wing that gives it tons of lift, stability and dynamic performance at lower speeds. At higher speeds, the Phantasm 633 will track and retain its stability which aids in setting up for jibes and tacks, but also will prevent over-foiling.

The wing’s unique inverted gull shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and a self-centering flight you have to feel to believe. The Phantasm 633 package was built to provide you with maximum free ride performance. With equal parts: Speed, Stability, Lift, and Maneuverability, this is the most predictable and user-friendly foil on the market.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/Phantasm-Kite-633-Foil-Package

Tkb Says:

The Phantasm platform is new for this year featuring a super stiff 92cm carbon mast and aluminum fuselage mated to the PFH 633 front wing and PS400 tail stabilizer wing. The mast base is incredibly robust and the aluminum fuselage has a more aerodynamic shape with streamlined edges””you will recognize the wing has some similarities with SS’s Hover Glide 65 although the mounting is completely different. The platform rigs with a star/Torx driver and is easy to set up with a single configuration, so there’s no head-scratching about whether the stabilizer rigs on the top or on bottom. We found that the carbon mast saves some weight over the Hover Glide setup, yet the entire setup is designed to offer a stiff and crisp foilboarding experience.

Out on the water, we first noticed that the Phantasm 633 has a bit more buoyancy which makes it easy for strapless waterstarts. The 633 offers a really nice foil up speed with a nice slow activation of lift and a smooth foil up that includes a momentary higher angle of lift until you reached the wing’s sweet spot. In terms of input, the Phantasm felt super active on its pitch and yaw axes, but a little more stable on its roll axis. The roll feels responsive but with the longer mast, it feels a little more subdued relative to its playful and active pitch and yaw, but overall the inputs blend well for a really fun and active ride that works well for carving waves and turns. The tall carbon mast feels crisp and stiff, with your inputs transferring directly to the wing. It didn’t take much effort to get the wing to do what we wanted it to do and the top-end speed felt fairly zippy, giving us some good range for going fast but also able to slow down and work with swells. The foil down speed was nice and slow which allows riders to hunt for waves, stall and carve in the pocket and the quick and agile responses allows you to be aggressive and pivoty when you want. Overall, the Phantasm 633 is a fun freeride foil that covers your carving game with reliable but fun steering impulses and a good speed range that checks all the boxes for freeride foilboarding.

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