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Cabrinha X:Breed Pro
Sizes Available: 5’1” x 17.9” x 21L, 5’3” x 18.5” x 22L, 5’5” x 19.1” x 25L
Sizes Tested: 5’1” x 17.9” x 21L

Cabrinha Says:

Evolution helps us adapt to the changing environment and it’s no different in kitesurfing. This season we have evolved the X:Breed into a freestyle trick machine. In keeping with the best the X:Breed has to offer we have kept its symmetrical tip and tail design but to enhance it’s freestyle capability in the surf or on flat water we have lowered the rocker line and have added a center bottom channel.

This makes the X:Breed faster, and more lively. It gets up to speed quickly, drives into and out of turns and makes it super easy to load the rail up right before an air trick.

Visit for more info: www.cabrinha.com/collections/surfboards/products/00-00-x-breed

Tkb Says:

The X:Breed Pro has received some changes this year that tailor its performance to strapless freestyle riding. This is one of the two boards in the Cabrinha surf lineup that gets their new carbon construction; you can also find this board in their standard construction model. The X:Breed stays with a surf-oriented outline that ends in a squat-looking tip and tail with the bottom featuring a new channel down the center that effectively flattens out its rocker. The X:Breed comes with Future fin boxes in a thruster configuration and the Pro version doesn’t include inserts for straps, so if you want the super-light carbon construction you’re going to have to finally commit to the dark arts of strapless riding. The board comes standard with a back tail pad with a kick and the front stomp pad is an accessory sold separately. We opted to test the board with wax up front.

Our first impression on the beach was that the new pro construction feels really light in hand and is a huge feature in this board’s strapless performance. The X:Breed doesn’t behave like a choptop Tomo. Instead,  it feels like a surfboard that’s been adapted to the needs of strapless freestyle. The X:Breed’s featherweight makes it quick and nimble in the water and from our first couple of airs we gained tremendous confidence that the board was glued to our feet through maneuvers big and small. You can really control the board in the middle of the air””small tweaks to the board’s angle will keep you connected on technical airs. In the water, you can feel the board wants to initiate turns easily and is ready to launch off any piece of chop. Its flatter rocker feels extra fast going into jumps while the tail rocker and template made load, release and pop fairly intuitive and easy. On upwind tacks, we tended to move our back foot forward for more stability while driving through the chop. While the X:Breed is designed for strapless freestyle, it also works in small surf, with tight pivotal turns in small onshore waist to chest-high slop. With its tighter rails, the board feels like it has a lower volume and that seems to pay dividends on aerials because the board is easy to handle and stays with you, yet when it comes to range, the lower volume doesn’t seem to limit the board’s glide through lulls and underpowered riding. The X:Breed Pro is a true performer for strapless freestyle, blending slight modifications in its shape with overall featherweight construction to ratchet up the speed with quick and nimble reflexes that translate to more aggressive strapless riding performance.

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