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Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL,XXL
Sizes Tested: M

Manera Says:

It is difficult to improve a harness like the EXO, but the development of the ECLIPSE has taught us a lot and we have used this experience to redesign our star harness. We applied Adaptive Shell Technology to the EXO model to provide better support, reduced weight and increased durability.

Thanks to a stiffer center area, the EXO 2.0 perfectly supports the back. However, it allows greater freedom of movement thanks to its different levels of rigidity, especially its flexible outline.

The soft part of the EXO 2.0 is built in one “Single foam”. The single foam doesn’t absorb any water, so the harness stays light and comfy once in use.

Visit for more info: www.manera.com/en/kiteboarding/harnesses/exo-2.0-harness.html?color=601

TKB Says:

When the original Exo Harness came out about seven years ago its load frame geometry and ergonomics were groundbreaking in terms of back support and comfort. In the years that followed Manera released the Eclipse, a true rigid shell harness with its Adaptive Shell Technology, making it now time for the Exo to get a complete redesign, integrating new materials into a design to complement the rigid shell Eclipse with a slightly more flexible harness in the Manera lineup.

We could immediately feel that the Exo 2 features a bit more of a taller outline than the Eclipse’s rigid frame. The Exo’s sides are also taller which means the force of the kite is spread out over a slightly larger area, but because the Exo uses a much thinner Adaptive Shell composite frame than the Eclipse, the Exo is much more flexible to move with the body. The Exo 2’s composite frame is thinner than the Eclipse and tapers in thickness towards the edge so that’s where you get that additional flexibility. This variable flex is one of the key characteristics that make the new Exo such a great blend between getting comfortable back support but also having a harness that will move with you as you reach for grabs or rotate your upper body for heaving snaps off the lip. The Exo interior is comprised of one-piece molded foam that resists water and ensures that it will remain lightweight through the course of your session””conversely, the Eclipse uses a gel foam in this area which requires more material seams and can absorb water. The Exo interior gets a stamped brick pattern for grip along the center spine and fades towards the sides. The profile of the Exo is much flatter than the Eclipse; it’s naturally more open and flexes around your waist when you put it on””this same feature makes it easier to pack flat in a travel bag compared to a rigid harness that demands more space. The Exo has an elastic waistbelt compared to the Eclipse’s neoprene belt, which makes it thinner and more flexible in comparison. The Exo also features the Manera bar with its dual webbings that are designed to add extra down-hold or anti-torsional twist up into your ribs along with its rigid tuck flaps that integrate the bar into the side of the harness.

The Exo 2 does an excellent job of lightening up the feel of the harness, and with somewhat less shaping down the center, allows your body to move a bit more within the harness. While the first version of the Exo is still in use at beaches around the world, the Exo 2 embraces Manera’s new technology and delivers a harness that occupies an improved middle ground between the support you get from a rigid frame harness and flexibility. The Exo 2 will appeal to riders that require less rigid support and desire a bit more movement and extra flexibility to make that next rail grab or spend a little less energy setting up that next bottom turn.


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