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CORE Choice 4
Sizes Available: 133 x 40cm , 135 x 41cm, 137 x 41.5cm, 139 x 42cm, 141 x 42.5cm, 144 x 43.5cm
Sizes Tested: 137 x 41.5cm

Core Says:

Our latest iteration delivers improved versatility and performance while retaining the proven CNC milled Paulownia wood core and Cartan carbon construction that Choice riders demand. Feel the new Cartan powered Katana Channels and Deck Bevels fuel your jumps and unhooked repertoire. Our proven multi-channel hull delivers more woohoo’s per mile than ever before. Go hard. Or take it easy. It’s all good on the Choice 4.

Visit for more info: https://corekites.com/us/boards/twintips/choice-4

Tkb Says:

The Choice is back with version 4 that keeps the same Paulownia construction but adds significant changes to its bottom shape and rails that give this performance freestyle board improved performance for riders of intermediate and advanced skill levels. The Choice is Core’s performance board built for riders pushing freestyle and big air to the next level with stiffer flex, a more aggressive outline and insert options for both boots and strap/pad combos. This year the rail line between your feet gets a softer bevel/tucked edge and the channels continue into the tips (resembles a katana sword) and the mid-section of the deck is lowered or beveled out just short of the rails.

In your hands, the Choice, with its cartan carbon construction, has a good weight that balances the beefy materials needed for pro-level performance with a lighter overall feeling that make it feel like a Ferrari in the water. The double concave and V-hull with heavy channeling runs the entire length of the board and gives the board good tracking and softer hits on harder landings. You can feel the Choice’s extra bit of rocker and its stiffer flex pattern gives you something to load against during jumps that adds to the board’s freestyle feel. While carving or landing airs you can feel the solid grip that you get from all that channeling, which inspires you to pour some extra speed into everything for a more powered approach to everything from big air to unsent freestyle. Its width and template gives the Choice good glide and with the deck willing to accelerate into high speeds, you get a tremendous feeling of control while pushing limits. The Choice 4 feels like it has a little cleaner bite through chop going upwind, but retains its edgy and fast handling that begs for more power and harder flex on big sends. Built for intermediate and advanced riders, the Choice is capable of a wider appeal with its strong balance of performance and ease of use.

The Choice came with the Union Pro 3 pad and strap combo that offers a ton of adjustability and comfort to the twin tip equation. The board features three inserts for adjusting the stance width and the pad system offers quite a few options for dialing in the perfect duck stance. The straps feature a double Velcro adjustment that allows you to change the tension over your toes and separately over the tallest part of your arch. Both adjustments are covered by a flap to keep the strap adjusters clean and tidy. The straps can be adjusted forward and aft on the footpad, so you get a ton of customization options to get the exact fit you want. The footpads feature ribbed EVA that didn’t have a ton of contours built into the pad, but they do have a very subtle toe bump and an overall soft feel to the base. The soft feel felt really comfortable without compromises; they had enough firmness to feel like you had control of the board but also felt nice, soft and plush, like you had suspension/shock absorbers between you and the board. The Core handle is padded which is forgiving if you’re getting raked over the board. Overall, the Union Pro 3 design offers an easily adjusted comfortable pad system that gets high marks for comfort, fit and function.


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