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CABRINHA Fusion X-Series Foil
Sizes Available: Front Wings: X950, X1300, X1600, X1950 / Back Wing XS220cm, SX300 / Mast: 70cm, 80cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 1600, Back Wing 300, Mast 70cm

Cabrinha Says:

With the crossover trends happening in foil sports it’s really important to have hydro wing-set capable of crossing between sporting genres with flawless performance and capability. Enter the X Seriesâ„¢ wings from Cabrinha. The design of the X Seriesâ„¢ recognizes and exploits the most important features needed in all hydrofoiling genres. Lift, efficiency and control are the three pillars that drive the X Series’ high performance and buttery smooth ride.

Through a combination of outlines and wing profiles the X Series delivers a smooth lift and stable flight with precise turning and control.

The X Series’ efficiency is enhanced by our all new Cab Fusion mast and fuselage ecosystem. The Cab Fusion is a redesign from the bottom up to remove any unwanted ”˜play’ in the system while streaming the connection between the wings and the fuselage. The resulting increase in stiffness and reduction in drag puts the X Series wings into an all new class of hydrofoils.

Visit for more info: www.cabrinha.com/collections/foils/products/00-00-fusion-x-series-wings

Tkb Says:

The boys in the backroom have been busy this last year coming up with a completely new redesigned hydrofoil platform that brings state of the art technology and design concepts from not just kite foiling, but all other foiling disciplines. The result is a high-performance carbon system that is incredibly modular and out of the box ready to perform at the top of the foil game, whether that be kite, wing or straight surf.

The first thing we noticed out the box was the Cab Fusion’s overall light weight and super stiff build quality. The new design integrates the wing into the front portion of the fuselage to add extra rigidity to the system. The fuselage mounts to the mast with three star-drive bolts and the mast is keyed to the fuselage so there’s no chance of slop or play. The tail end of the fuselage mounts the rear wing, of which you get to choose between the 220 and 300, depending on your choice of steering and stability. The mast baseplate is all one molded piece of carbon so there’s no room for movement there. From the moment we floated the Fusion into the water we noted that it has good buoyancy from its construction and light weight.

The pre-preg carbon 1600 front wing features a nice and slow foil-up which delivers lift early on with its high aspect shape smoothly entering lift off. The foil right off the bat felt really maneuverable on its yaw axis with a bit more stability on the yaw and roll axes that made the 1600 feel both agile for directional changes but stable and easy to use for pumping and straight-line riding. We immediately started having fun with carving and coasting down windswell, finding that the pumping action was good with excellent glide and drive from our inputs. The 1600 feels efficient through the water and the carbon construction is stiff making your input and the wing’s feedback feel direct, solid and crisp. These performance hits were probably one of the biggest goals with Cabrinha’s new platform and to have done that by lowering weight at the same time is a huge plus for construction. At some point during our session, we breached the wingtip and discovered that the 1600 is incredibly resilient and stable when any part of the foil breaks out of the water. This was quite notable and not a feature common to all hydrofoils and as we tested the limits of this we were surprised how well the foil re-engaged after a breach. The carbon work on this setup is beautiful art and its weight and stiffness earned the Fusion high marks from our testing team. The 1600 wing is super fun for freeride foiling; its turning is nimble yet stable enough for progression riders. Freeride foilers might look to a smaller wing for more top-end speed, but surf-minded foilers will find the 1600s low-end speed perfect for carving up open faces for all disciplines, from kite to wing and surf.


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