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Eleveight Master V3
Sizes Available: 136 x 41cm, 139 x 42, 142 x 43
Sizes Tested: 136 x 41cm

Eleveight Says:

Meet the brand new version of our renowned shred stick, the Master. We rebuilt this high-performance freeride to freestyle board from scratch, to exceed the expectations of riders with an aggressive style, pushing their limits. Every inch of this board is dedicated to boosting staggering mega loops and stomping technical freestyle tricks. In terms of freeride and freestyle performance, it unites the best of both worlds. To achieve this, we fused superior design, unmatched materials, and masterful craftsmanship, and then added a whole bunch of innovative features.

Visit for more info: www.eleveightkites.com/boards/master

Tkb Says:

The Eleveight Master is back in version three with a new deck shape, beveled rails, increased flex in the tips and a more aggressive bottom shape to push this freeride board deeper into the performance freeride category. We tested the regular version of the Master, but there is a carbon version offered by Eleveight as well. The Master mixes a more friendly freeride template with a boxier freestyle outline to give riders a blend between comfortable freeride and big air freestyle capabilities. The Master comes with 45mm G10 fins and rocks a middle of the road flex pattern that allows a forgiving ride through the chop while still offering enough spring for harder riding.

In terms of tracking, the Master feels really comfortable on its edge and tends to fly upwind without a ton of effort from the rider. The rocker feels really efficient and fast through the water and even at its 136 length, the 41-inches of width seems to give it a lot of range. The 45mm fins work with the rocker to deliver middle of the road grip that has just enough traction to inspire confidence going into jumps. The Master doesn’t have the feel of a park/wakestyle board, but it does have enough load and pop to initiate large jumps. Landings were fairly forgiving with the wood core that had enough flex to suck up those hits without deforming. During transitions or during carves you can break the fins free which makes the Master feel playful when you want it. Above all else, the Master earned high marks for its super comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride that seemed to offer exactly what we needed in performance freeride/big air riding.

The Master came with a soft handle and three inserts to adjust the stance width. The Airgo V2 pad and strap system is well designed and easy to assemble with minimal effort. With a number of adjustments for duck and mounting points that allow you to move the strap’s position forward over your toes or back over your arch, you get a fair amount of customization. The footpad has a nice amount of contour under your foot and stamped contour lines to give your foot grip. There’s a little bit of mild heel cupping and a good-sized toe bump to keep your foot in place. The strap has a double Velcro adjustment that covers every inch of your foot with soft padding for a solid feel. Overall, the Airgo V2 felt super comfortable and snug with materials geared for comfort and good control of the board.


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