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Jesse Richman strained his eyes and released the stiffening pain from his neck, trying to shake his travel exhaustion as the van clamored down the rutted street, veering right towards a definitive clearing in the forest to yield Jesse’s first sight of water. After an international flight into Manila, followed by a regional flight and then a two-hour drive to the Caparispisan area, the physical and mental stresses of traveling to this outpost on the northernmost tip of the Philippines is a gauntlet, but as Jesse knows well, it’s not too dissimilar to the sleep deprivation experienced in early fatherhood. Billed as both a surf and freestyle trip, Jesse’s expectations for surf quality were low, but as the swaying palm trees parted at the entrance of the Kingfisher Lodge, the lines of pumping surf out front left Jesse nothing short of shocked.

The Lodge at Kingfisher is perched on a peninsula sticking out into the South China Sea, a stretch of water between the Philippines and Taiwan known as ”˜Typhoon Alley’. The long sandy beaches are fronted by shallow lagoons with protective offshore reefs that follow the curving shoreline to the southwest. North’s Brand Director Mike Raper first discovered this location with designer Pat Goodman on a testing mission back in 2010. “Pat and I kept checking Google Maps, eyeing this one peninsula that stuck out like a sore thumb, then we zoomed in and saw white sand””that’s when we knew it had to be good for waves due to the long fetch,” Mike recalls… To read the rest of Nothing Out of Reach subscribe to Tkb Magazine.

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