Sizes Available: 133cm x 40cm , 137cm x 41cm, 142cm x 42cm, 148cm x 44cm
Sizes Tested: 137cm x 41cm, 142cm x 42cm

Ozone Says:

The Base V1 is the choice for entry level to intermediate riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring twin tip board. It is intuitive and comfortable to ride; the Base V1 will speed your progression from the first stages of learning through to getting airborne!

An optimized mix of a progressive freeride outline and a single concave bottom shape transitioning to flat towards the tips provides control and stability in all conditions. The moderate to low rocker line facilitates early planing and makes upwind riding easy. The Base V1 offers an ultra smooth ride thanks to the forgiving medium-soft flex pattern keeping you comfortable even in choppy conditions. With the Base V1 you will have more time to spend concentrating on improving your skills, allowing you to quickly master your first turns, carves and jumps!

Visit for more info: www.ozonekites.com/products/kiteboards/base-v1/

Our Testers Say:

“With a locked in feel and smooth directional travel, the Base is a stable and reliable ride that won’t leave you tired at the end of the day.” // Dan Lerer

“Tracks and carves great, with an easy ride that is both smooth and predictable. Extra comfortable pad and strap system.” // Brad Poulos

“Nice beginner board that gives confidence for first rides and jumps. Strong edge, smooth through the chop, but lacks the performance of a load and pop board.” // Matt Kargl

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This is our first look at the Base V1, an entry-level progression twin tip that is perfectly dialed for beginner and intermediate riders to get their first ride and comfortably experiment with tricks. The Base features a mildly rounded template with slightly pulled in tips and a bottom shape that features a solid single concave that flattens out toward the tips. From the second you get going on the Base you can feel its flatter rocker which makes it incredibly easy to get up on plane and super efficient on the water, which will help progressing kiters with their waterstarts as the board shape requires less power from the kite. The Base has a really locked in feeling with the fins and tail offering a solid amount of grip that makes edging really easy. A lot of the softer freeride progression boards on the market are skatier, but the Bases’ extra tracking and grip seem to make everything from going upwind to carving a lot easier. When it comes to load and pop, the Base has a slightly stiffer flex pattern which combined with its flatter rocker makes for decent load and pop jumps; other testers found the Code a better choice for the dedicated big air boosting kiter. Even with the flatter rocker, testers gave the Base good reviews for chop handling and noted its smooth ride. For rail to rail carving the stable outline requires a bit more effort to initiate turns, but the grip you get from the fins inspires confidence. Overall, the Base is a standout formula for entry-level and intermediate freeride kiters that offers a ton of range, is exceptionally easy to use/edge with enough performance to begin hacking away at more advanced riding.

The Base features three insert options for adjusting stance width and comes with a completely redesigned footpad and strap binding system for this year. It might look similar, but the materials and details indicate that Ozone went back to the drawing board. The binding features five holes on each side for allowing ample movement to dial in the perfect duck stance. The footbed has a fairly dense rubbery feel with a lot of little ribs that give a ton of traction to every part of your foot. There’s a toe bump that you can really hook your front toes on for a really solid locked-in feel. The strap is again a single adjustment Velcro strap with ample padding, but this year you get strap mounting points that allow you to shift the pad forward or aft, to gain more support towards your toes or over the higher part of your arch. Testers gave the new system solid reviews for the comfortable and grippy footbed with the simple easy to adjust single strap that gives sufficient coverage to keep your foot locked into place.

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