Sizes Available: 112cm x 45.8cm, 127cm x 45.7cm, 130 x 42cm, 144cm x 47cm, 160cm x 48cm
Sizes Tested: 127cm x 45.7cm

Naish Says:

Highly compact with minimal volume, the Hover 127 takes full advantage of minimalist design. Intended for experienced-to-expert foilers, this petite board delivers superior control in tight turns for a dynamic and responsive riding experience. When riding strapless, another key advantage of its size is the ability to sink the board and position it on its edge for easier take-offs. Its precise, CNC cut, closed cell core is wrapped in our new lightweight Durafinish, which heightens durability without weighing it down. The dual track system allows riders to instantly adjust where the foil sits on the board, for a more customized riding experience. Once you master foiling, “less is more. . . ” and these boards provide everything you want, with nothing you don’t!

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Tkb Says:

The Hover in the 127cm size is a lightweight lower volume deck that offers the feel of performance foilboarding with enough template and volume to satisfy lower skilled foilboarders progressing into and beyond the intermediate level. The Hover has sandwich construction which features a stubby outline, chined rail, a fairly flat bottom with mild rocker and very subtle lift in the nose. The Hover comes with copious inserts with three front strap forward/aft placement options in both ducked and centerline configurations and the back footstrap gets three forward/aft options down the center. The deck pad goes all the way to the nose and features a kick on the tail with a comfortable but grippy waffle deck that gives you really solid footing for strapless foiling.

The Hover is a little bit lower on the flotation spectrum but offered up enough surface area that made waterstarts fairly easy to get going. The low volume allows the board to sink when you plant your feet on it and it was easy enough to put it on its side and use kite power and your feet on the rail to hold it in starting position. We definitely found waterstarts with the larger 1050 wing easier because of the instant lift, but the 600 wing just required more kite power to get up on the board and accelerate to foil-up speed. The Hover felt reliable and didn’t do anything awkward on strapless waterstarts, though its lower volume makes it more likely an intermediate and advanced board. One thing we really liked about this board was that when we were railing upwind at high speeds with the Naish 600 wing, the Hover 127’s chimed rail was super user-friendly when we had accidental touchdowns. Sometimes rails like to grab chop and throw you and the foil out of control but this board shined at high speeds. The flat deck feels really great underfoot, gives you a reliable surface to make aggressive inputs into the board, and the weight and small size make the board super maneuverable and agile. Less is more, and the Hover 127 with its small size gives you that minimalist magic carpet ride that yields crisp performance with a forgiving rail that we think is a top choice for intermediate and advanced foilers.

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