F-ONE Rocket SUP Pro
Sizes Available: 6’0″ x 24.5″, 80L, 6’6″ x 25.5″, 92L, 7’0″ x 26.5″, 105L, 7’6″ x 27.5″, 120L
Sizes Tested: 7’6″ x 27.5″, 120L

F-ONE Says:

Our experience of riding foils on stand-up paddleboards for the past two years has allowed us to design the best possible board to stand-up foil. Being able to control the take-off from a stand-up position really makes things easier and this is why stand-up foiling is fantastic. It’s not only an easier step at the beginning; it also lets you charge steeper waves as you progress. The other key aspect is that on foil you’re flying far and coming back paddling on a stand up that is a lot more comfortable than on a surfboard.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/rocket-sup-pro/

Tkb Says:

The 7’6” Rocket SUP we tested comes out of the foilsurfing SUP line and gives riders the volume and width needed for stable water wingsurfing starts from your knees. The Rocket SUP features a handle on the top of the deck (the Rocket Wing line of boards has the handle on the bottom, which we prefer) and comes with inserts for footstraps (you don’t really need them for wingsurfing) and a ¾ deck pad that has a diamond grip and offers a bit more cushion than the Rocket Wing corduroy pad. The SUP comes with both a track system and Tuttle box.

During our test week, the 7’6” Rocket SUP was used as an entry-level board for the small and intermediate-sized riders to get their waterstarts down before graduating into the smaller Rocket Wing line of boards. The bigger riders in the test stayed with the 7’6” because they needed the volume to nail their waterstarts.

To determine actual rider size to board volume, take your weight in pounds and convert it to kilos. Beginners should add 40 to their kilo weight, intermediates should add 10 to their kilo weight and advanced riders should minus 15 to their kilos. This formula works as a good guideline to guide you through volumes.

For the larger riders as well as less skilled and less aggressive learners, we found the 7’6” to be a very helpful tool to get those riders up and going along with building confidence and skills. For performance foilboarding, the 7’6” is large for any kind of pumping or aggressive turning, which is the exact reason why F-One developed the Rocket Wing line of wing-specific boards for small and medium-sized riders of all skill levels.

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