Sizes Available: 5’7” x 18.5” x 2.11”, 22.3L, 5’9” x 19.1” x 2.21”, 24.7L
Sizes Tested: 5’9” x 19.1” x 2.21”, 24.7L

Cabrinha Says:

The S:Quad is made for riders who like to ride fast and push hard through their turns. The S:Quad has a narrow outline which makes it great for riding fast and pushing hard in the turns. It’s ideally suited for down the line waves in side shore or side-offshore wind conditions. The quad fin arrangement is surfing’s tried and tested configuration for fast and powerful surfing. The S:Quad can be ridden with or without straps.

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Our Testers Say:

“A very floaty board which slices through the chop and accelerates down the wave and unbroken swell.” // Dan Lerer

“Great board that rode like every surfboard should ride. Nice weight, turns just right when you push on the tail’s edge, smooth through the chop and great upwind ability.” // Kelly Grief

“Tons of grip with stable and predictable carves which inspires confidence, flies upwind with solid tracking and ease.” // Ray Borg

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The S:Quad is Cabrinha’s performance surf shape which is built for control in medium and larger high-quality surf. This classic surf shape features a narrower template with a squash tail and subtle single concave from its nose into the tail and quad fins (Future/FCS hybrid style that has two set screws on the inside). The S:Quad features thin stepped down rails that allow the flat deck to angle into a tighter edge along the middle section of the board. The deck pad features a fairly firm density waffle grip with three insert options for adjusting forward/aft footstrap position and the front foot area requires the user to apply surf wax.

The first thing we noticed about the S:Quad is how the long narrow outline feels very directional and wants to draw bigger lines in the surf. Compared to the Cutlass with its potato chip template that wants to turn on any piece of chop, this board wants to commit to drawn-out bigger lines, confidently squaring up to bigger waves and turning in the pocket with supreme hold. Turn initiation on the S:Quad is predictable and lends stability to carving turns. The board doesn’t feel skatey and skittery-fast in the water, rather it provides the user with a sense of control and reliability that becomes key when you are committing to harder lines in bigger surf. The S:Quad’s construction feels solid with a middle of the road weight that is neither heavy nor light and dingy; it works quite well to dampen the feel while riding upwind through chop and remains stable while drawing lines on a less than perfect wave face. The quad setup really grips and provides a bit more of a pivot top turn than a typical thruster setup and the thin stepped down rails really like to bite in on a solid edge while going upwind and slices through the chop with a lot of directional stability. For the trashy wind swell that we had in La Ventana, we would choose the Cutlass, but for A-frame chest-sized bigger reef breaks we’d hands down choose the S:Quad to capably slash and drive down bigger lines with more consequences. When it comes to strapless freestyle, the S:Quad works fine for airing off waves going out, but it isn’t a strapless freestyler’s dream board. It’s longer length slows rotations on strapless airs and the tail’s grip and control don’t seem to load and release for carefree flippy strapless tricks – so if that was our focus we’d go down that road with another board, like the Cutlass. Overall, Cabrinha has created a kite-specific performance surfboard that excels in medium or larger wave conditions with good response yet precise control that gives riders the confidence to meet the demands of bigger surf.

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