Sizes Available: 159cm x 45cm
Sizes Tested: 159cm x 45cm

Flysurfer Says:

Efficiency is critical in light wind riding – we focus on performance in product design to get you out as often as possible on the water. The FLYDOOR6 core is based off a solid paulownia wood core with a tailored double concave, which cleverly contributes to weight optimization and early planing. The asymmetric outline lets you cut through choppy water with ease. The adapted flex, improves the edge grip of the board as the wind increases. The FLYDOOR6 board line is designed for those who want to maximize their time on the water not only with relaxed lightwind cruising.

Playful and forgiving, with excellent planing characteristics and effortless upwind performance, developed for those wanting to make the most of light winds.

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Tkb Says:

The Flydoor delivers incredible range and super locked-in grip that helps riders turn minimal pulling power into upwind gains. Its template features a really straight rail through the mid-section with an asymmetrical outline that puts an extra curve in its heelside tips. The Flydoor’s double concave bottom down the center with an extra grippy channel along the rail allows for its supreme edge control. The extra channel comes with 50mm fins that are mounted down the center of the board and on the heelside edge for maximum grip.

The first thing we noticed about the Flydoor was its exceptional tracking upwind, with its extra bottom shape and asymmetrical fin placements giving the board solid grip for keeping the show on the upwind road. The larger surface area of the outline combines with the large surface area to facilitate exceptionally easy waterstarts in underpowered conditions. The Flydoor feels efficient through the water and helps get you on a plane when your kite barely has enough juice, and it does this with best in class upwind ability. The board’s softer flex pattern helps its larger size and straighter rails absorb chop hits, making for a fairly smooth ride while slicing through rough conditions. The rounded tips on the heelside edge really help the board cleanly slice through oncoming waves with no problems with tip spray. The extra grippy fins make simple transitions a little more challenging because you have to put more effort into breaking the fins loose. This same grip is also what makes it easy to keep the board charging upwind while using grunty kites with strong lateral pull. The Flydoor’s large boxy template is a lot of board for sending big airs or pulling off rotations, but that’s the tradeoff you make for a purpose-built board that thrives in threshold conditions. The Flydoor is a great beginner board that will get you going in next to nothing with incredible edge control and grip that makes for a reliable platform that will take riders of all skill levels back upwind in the lowest wind conditions.

The Flydoor offers three sets of insert options to adjust the stance width and comes with the Squad pad and strap system that offers five mounting holes on each side of the strap giving substantial room for dialing in the perfect stance duck. Testers commented on the cushy foam EVA of the footbeds that are super comfortable with a significant amount of cupping around the heel, a bit of contour under your arch and no toe grip, but substantial texture to allow your foot to get a solid locked-in feel. The straps feature quad Velcro adjustments that are easy to access and the straps can be mounted forward/aft in the binding so it’s quite easy to dial in the perfect tension and coverage over your foot. The Flydoor comes with a padded handle which is really nice if you get raked over your board. Testers gave the Flydoor’s pad and strap system high marks for its comfortable and functional design that offers a really secure feel and solid sense of control.

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