CORE Fusion 4 LW
Sizes Available: 147cm x 44cm, 152cm x 46cm
Sizes Tested: 152cm x 46cm

Core Says:

Here at CORE, we look at light winds differently. We see opportunity. We see good times. And we get excited about the opportunity to try new things. So, grab your LW, head over to your favorite beach and smile ‘cuz life’s good.

Our 4th generation LW’s feature subtle upgrades to its fantastic predecessor. We slightly reduced board thickness by using more Cartan carbon – our proprietary fiber. It’s more expensive, but it’s worth it. Our engineers fine-tuned the outline and upgraded the deck with a shiny UV blocking topcoat. The lighter weight Fusion 4 LW isn’t complete without our new and fabulous Union Pro 3 or Comfort pads and straps. Add a pair now before you forget!

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Tkb Says:

The Fusion LW 152 is back with version 4 that brings a new outline to the table with its new core thickness and slightly new construction that offers an extreme light wind range with a mind-blowingly smooth ride through chop for easy upwinding. The template for the Fusion features a subtle parabolic side cut in the mid-section with a boxy outline that has rounded edges at the four corners. The Fusion features a double concave with a subtle V down the center and a full-length channel that runs the rail as well as a single channel running out the tail between the two fins. Rounding out the design, the board uses a subtle rocker to facilitate early planing and high board speeds that lead to better light wind performance.

The Fusion LW has a dedicated light wind template that is specifically geared for making the most out of low wind sessions. The first thing we noticed with the Fusion was that its full carbon construction does an excellent job of keeping the board’s overall weight low while delivering a forgiving ride through the chop. The Fusion LW’s large surface area and low rocker make waterstarts easy and facilitate early planing that is key for staying upwind. The flex in the board seems to absorb chop, making it quite comfortable and easy to slice upwind in rougher conditions. Its reverse parabolic rail seems to lay down an upwind edge that is remarkably easy to control despite its size, resulting in a board with highly efficient drive that helps you keep up speed and upwind progress even through lulls in the wind. The extra bottom channeling and 48mm fins give you a really grippy edge that gives the Fusion a really locked-in feel whether riding upwind or carving into transitions. Compared to the custom Carved LW boards, the Fusion is a little heavier in construction but might initiate turns a little smoother than the Imperator 151LW. When it comes to jumping, the Fusion LW gives you the speed to serve up bigger jumps while the rail line seemed to work fairly well for initiating jumps despite its square outline. Overall, the Fusion was one of our favorite twin tip boards that maximizes twin tip sessions in low wind conditions while leaving enough freeride handling on the table to keep the fun boosting and carving progression alive in less than stellar wind conditions.

Our Fusion came with the newly released Union Pro 3 footpad and strap system that offers a ton of adjustability and comfort to the twin tip equation. The board features two inserts for adjusting the stance width and the pad system offers quite a few options for dialing in the perfect duck stance. The straps feature a double Velcro adjustment that allows you to change the tension over your toes and separately over the tallest part of your arch. Both adjustments are covered by a flap to keep the strap adjusters clean and tidy. The straps can be adjusted forward and aft on the footpad, so you get a ton of customization options to get the exact fit you want. The footpads feature ribbed EVA that didn’t have a ton of contours built into the pad, but they do have a very subtle toe bump and an overall soft feel to the base. The soft feel felt really comfortable without compromises; they had enough firmness to feel like you had control of the board but also felt nice, soft and plush, like you had suspension/shock absorbers between you and the board. The Core handle is padded which is forgiving if you’re getting raked over the board. Overall, the Union Pro 3 design offers an easily adjustable and comfortable pad system that scored stellar remarks from testers.

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