CARVED Imperator 6 151 LW
Sizes Available: 151cm x 45cm
Sizes Tested: 151cm x 45cm

Carved Says:

The 151LW is the optimal combination between fast planing and sporty agility. The wide tips and symmetric rails almost plane as early as the 157LW yet feels much smaller.

See, feel and experience a light wind masterpiece. See the shimmer of the proprietary carbon fiber and the unique hand finished rails of the new Imperator 6 LW. Feel the perfectly sanded edges. And now, experience the power, control and sheer pleasure the new LW edition generates in the lightest of winds. The seven-knot king. With broad tips, unique fin placement, and concave rails our biggest light wind machine generates endless smiles and ultra-smooth carves. Manufactured by master craftsmen since 2001. Craftsman that put their heart and soul into each board. Visit Fehmarn and you will likely meet your board builder on a shiny black board at a local beach. You see, they don’t just build masterpieces, they live the kiter’s dream.

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Tkb Says:

Carved offers three boards in its LW lineup with each board size having its own custom template to deliver varying levels of light wind performance and handling. The Imperator 151LW is the middle board in the line with a boxy template and a subtle parabolic sidecut in the midsection rail that is designed to give you supreme early planing and efficient edging in underpowered conditions. The 151LW’s bottom shape features a double concave bottom with a single spine down the middle while its full carbon construction keeps the weight down for such a large surface area board.

For those kiteboarders that have never tried door-style boards, the first thing that impresses us with the 151LW is its upwind abilities and easy tracking. As you set the rail you watch a clean sheet of water eject off the side and the low weight keeps the board feeling lively and quite active with quick acceleration and easy edge control. The board’s double concave bottom and spine does a good job of dampening and helps the 151LW negotiate chop with really impressive handling. The fins and rail offer middle of the road tracking, where the upwind edge feels grippy but not so locked in that it feels aggressively glued to the water. The carbon keeps the larger board agile through transitions which makes it significantly more sporty than it looks. If you want to try your hand at carving turns you really have to put your weight on the back of the board to get the tail to want to draw a clean turn, which means carving is not impossible but does require some skill and finesse. On the other hand, the 151LW was fairly easy to jump; its flat rocker feels fast and helps you speed into load/release while its boxy outline requires a bit more attention to get clean launches for bigger airs. The carbon construction pays dividends in the air with a lighter feel on your feet for long hangtimes or rotations and the carbon flex and bottom shape work exceptionally well together to unload forgiving landings that you wouldn’t expect from a boxy light wind board.

The Imperator comes with two strap placement options to adjust your stance width. The board’s Ultra Pads and Straps offer 11 duck angle adjustments along with strap inserts that allow you to adjust both the strap width on the binding as well as the forward/aft position of the strap over the footbed. The footbed has an aggressive geometric pattern that supplies excellent grip with substantial cupping around the heel, a subtle bump under the inside of your arch and a toe bar that helps you lock in your feet. The straps use a ratchet-style binding system where you put your foot in the binding and ratchet the tightness until you have the perfect fit (no guess and check with this system).  With a wide range of adjustment options, overall, the Ultra Pads and Straps earned high marks for their comfort, security and solid connection to the board.

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