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NAISH Switch
Sizes Available: 134cm/138cm x 41.5cm, 138cm/142cm x 42cm
Sizes Tested: 138cm/142cm x 42cm

Naish Says:

The Switch is a completely new board for 2020, which gives a great all-around board even more versatility. Its asymmetrical design covers the range of two boards. The inserts on the board are centered so that both its rails can be ridden, which dramatically extends its lifespan. Since both rails are different lengths you can choose which side you want to ride depending on conditions and riding preference. If the wind is light and you are riding a big kite, the longer side can give you more rail in the water—keeping you planing, so you can get upwind. If the wind is cranking and the water is rough, you can switch to the shorter side for quicker turning, so you can load fast between the chop. It is also a great option for different size people that want to share a board.

Visit for more info: www.naishkites.com/product/switch/

Our Testers Say:

“This is a one board quiver wth two great lengths for multiple conditions. Fun carving in the waves, easy jumping and smooth landings for fun all-around riding.” // Kelly Grief

“The Switch felt surprisingly normal and didn’t throw me off switching between heel and toeside riding. Good flex, absorbs chop with a smooth ride with minimal spray.” // Pierce Martin

“True jack of all trades — the board I would pick for traveling. Comfortable pads, good upwind ability with solid chop handling and middle of the road grip with good load and pop.” // Roland Erni

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Switch is all-new for 2020 and makes sense: If your binding inserts are in the center of the board why not make two different rail lines to achieve two board sizes in one?  The Switch features an asymmetrical rail, one side sporting an effective length of 142cm and the other a bit shorter at 138cm. The bottom shape offers a subtle single concave with a slight channel along the rails. Stocked with 4.0 fins on all corners, the Switch offers a solid amount of rocker that you can feel in the water. You can set up the bindings on the board to use either the shorter or longer edge depending on the wind strength and water conditions or to swap between two different sized riders. We found that the longer edge had a decent amount of grip and flew upwind, offering a bit more grip than the Motion. The longer edge handled the chop quite well and when we transitioned onto toeside with the shorter edge we found the board a little bit more active and lively. The Switch features a forgiving flex pattern with a softer load and pop feel that works for casual freeride. Carving between the two asymmetrical length rails seemed natural after a bit and in some ways heightened our carving fun. Running the board on the shorter edge doesn’t change the weight of the board because it still feels like a 142, but it does change how the edge carves through the water with a bit more active feel and smoother carve initiation. Overall, the Switch will appeal to very specific riders or perhaps even schools that cater to riders of all different sizes while delivering fun progressive freeride performance that is accessible to all.

The Switch features three insert options down the center for selecting your stance width and the Apex pad and strap system features a number of fine-tuning options for setting duck stance. The footbed is really comfortable with a plush feeling and the soft rubbery pad features tons of grip with a raised contour under the arc of your foot with cupping around your heel. The Apex uses various foam inserts to allow you to dial in the level of your density in the footpad when you set up your board. This year Naish has added an XL size to offer the Apex in two sizes (shoe sizes 5-12 and 9-15). There’s a subtle toe bump to keep your toes locked in and the straps feature forward and aft settings to move the strap more over your toes or more over your arch to dial in the snuggest fit. The straps offer quad Velcro adjustments that allow you to dial each zone of the strap separately for perfect coverage. Testers gave the Apex system strong reviews for comfort and security that keeps your foot in place and your inputs transferring directly to the board.

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