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SLINGSHOT Hover Glide FSURF V3 Infinity 76
Sizes Available: Front Wing 76cm, Back Wing 42cm, Mast 71cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 76cm, Back Wing 42cm, Mast 71cm

Slingshot Says:

If you have your sights set on surfing with a foil, this is your magic carpet ride. The FSurf’s large-format Infinity 76 wing provides all the lift, speed and pumpability you need to be able to paddle, SUP, wing or kite into just about anything. The FSurf foil is the perfect choice for experienced foilers looking for the perfect blend between performance, speed, and pumpability. The FSurf is part of Slingshot’s signature Hover Glide foil platform, built with an aluminum structure and outfitted with carbon wings, creating the perfect balance of performance and price. The FSurf foil comes with a 71cm mast – increasing the responsiveness of the foil and giving surfers a larger range from the foil to the board – ideal for getting more distance out of each “stroke” as surfers pump the foil to maneuver between waves or across flat water. The FSurf is outfitted with our ever popular Infinity 76 surf wing which has a large surface area to feed off smaller amounts of wave energy, support heavier riders (200 lbs +) with ease, and is also the most agile and maneuverable of the surf wings. The speed range of this foil is also extremely impressive – designed to takeoff early and hang in there at speeds of about 18 mph.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/Hover-Glide-FS

Tkb Says:

If you’ve bought into Slingshot’s Hover Glide foil system there’s a large family of modular wings that you can swap into the mix and one such freeride wing is the Infinity 76. This large delta-shaped surf wing with small winglets offers super stable handling with high lift and a super slow foil-up speed. The Infinity uses Slingshot’s super bombproof carbon front wing construction that allows you to hit bottom and crash into non-moving reefs while skating away with minor cosmetic wear (trust us, we have done our worst on our long-term SS test gear with amazing results). The Hover Glide system uses a durable aluminum fuselage and an aluminum mast that requires three different Allen hex wrenches to assemble/disassemble the entire system. We rode the Infinity 76 wing with the Fkite package which comes with the 71cm Hover Glide mast and 42cm stabilizer wing.

The Infinity 76 wing is the foil setup that covers all your foilsports with plenty of low-end foil up speed and tons of lift that gives you an excellent pump game and forever glide-ability. Whether you are light wind foilsurfing, prone foilsurfing or wingsurfing, the Infinity 76 will deliver a super high-glide ride that will feel incredibly stable and reliable. Kiters will notice the super slow foil-up speed that delivers early lift with low board speed. This makes the 76 a great learning option that keeps your first couple of rides at a speed where crashes happen more slowly and tend to be less spectacular. All the axes’ feel really stable; the pitch and yaw are stable while the roll axis requires extra input. It might take a couple of tacks to get used to how the Infinity 76 turns, with more heel/toe pressure going in and out of turns. In terms of foil-down speed, this wing can handle really slow speeds that allow you to carve up micro-small swell, stalling and then turning in the lip with stable aggressive force. The 76’s glide is really impressive and its pump game allows you to turn off the power of the kite (or inflatable wing) and generate your own drive through lulls or easily connect to the next piece of swell. We’ve spent a ton of time foilsurfing on the Infinity 76 and it was a great platform to perfect flat water pumping. Its super directional stability allows you to focus on dialing in your rhythm, managing foil height and keeping the pump show going. Some kiters might find that 76’s top end speed limiting, but those people are missing the point. The Infinity 76 is about low-speed carving and pumping with just enough top-end speed to cruise casually back upwind. The real end-users for this wing will be surf-minded kiters, wing and SUP/prone foilsurfers as well as extra-large kiters looking for some extra lift along with beginner kiters who are looking for a super stable wing and the slowest foil-up speed in the Slingshot lineup.

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