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Sizes Available: 120cm x 46cm
Sizes Tested: 120cm x 46cm

North Says:

Enjoy a responsive riding experience with the North Scoop. Dedicated performance foiling with a lightweight EPS core. Your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance foil missions or an after work sundowner.

Visit for more info: www.northkb.com/en/products/foils/boards/scoop-performance-foil-board

Tkb Says:

The North Scoop is a small performance foilboard that packs medium volume EPS surf construction with user-friendly design features that make for a super fun and lively platform for all types of foilboarding. The Scoop features a relatively short length with a round outline that features the wide point of the template positioned fairly far forward. The Scoop has a slight single concave and offers up a really flat zero rocker in the back for easy planing and significant scoop rocker in the nose for easy recovery on porpoise crashes. The rails feel thin and feature a small amount of chine to transition from the rounded rail to the bottom side. The mast mounts to the board with a standard track that features convenient visual reference markers for setting the mast position in the same place every time. The deck features five insert options for forward/aft strap placement of the front strap down the center of the board and four options for the back footstrap. The Scoop features a ¾ deck pad that offers a solid kick on the tail for keeping your back foot in place and the EPS construction feels light and durable.

The Scoop offers up a medium amount of float which seems to offer a good balance between floatation and sinking when positioning the board for waterstarting. The rail sinks into the water and bites, but the volume tends to push back on your feet which makes controlling the board quite easy in the moments before you power stroke your way onto the board. The volume is low and the surface area at the 120cm length is on the smaller side, and while the wider template up front and the flat rocker helps the Scoop pony up to take off, it does require a bit more kite power to get up to speed with higher aspect wings. The waterstart surface area may be more oriented towards the intermediate and advanced riders, but the Scoop isn’t so small that the aggressive beginner couldn’t piece waterstarts together with some patience and focus. The Scoop’s aggressive nose design is an excellent feature that helps riders get away with a smaller board. During accidental touchdowns the extreme kick in the nose will help the board land without submerging it underwater and more likely will help you ride away. The small chine on the rails works well when you’re railing upwind at hard angles as it discourages the rail from grabbing chop and causing the wing to crash. The Scoop really shines at high speed and during big carves with its wafer footprint which makes everything feel quick and exhilarating. The crisp construction feeds your inputs directly into the wing below while the flat deck and comfortable EVA give you solid footing for confidence with aggressive riding. Overall, the Scoop is a very unique design that does an excellent job of giving you hero performance that highly skilled foilers will appreciate with a template and rocker that is just forgiving enough to accommodate progressing learners.