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Sizes Available: 136cm x 41.7cm , 140cm x 42.5cm
Sizes Tested: 140cm x 42.5cm

Liquid Force Says:

The Absolute started with a simple idea: What would happen if we set out to create a high-end performance twin tip with no design limitations or cost restrictions? The board needed to be lightweight, fast, lively, and nimble. Simultaneously, we wanted a smooth ride with explosive pop, easy upwind tracking, and grip-and-rip style turning. We wanted the board to be made of the highest performing materials available, so we didn’t set any specific material or construction limits. After hours of testing and countless prototypes, we finally found the right balance of flex, durability, performance, and construction.

Visit for more info: www.liquidforcekites.com/product/absolute/

Our Testers Say:

“Absolutely delightful to ride, goes upwind, cuts through chop with better than average pop, sweet all-around board.” // Dan Lerer

“This is exactly how a twin tip should ride with really good load and pop, chop handling and edge control.” // Kelly Grief

“You get the expensive carbon look with sharp rails that deliver an easy ride and good chop control and rewards more power with great handling and turning.” // Marko Bartscherer

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Absolute is LF’s mission to mine a solid chunk of unobtainium, delivering an ultra-carbon no compromises board that mixes performance with comfort for the kiteboarder willing to spend a little extra to achieve rockstar status. The Absolute sports a double concave bottom with a single spine running down the center of the board from tip to tip with a subtle channel along the rail. The first thing we noticed about this board was the pure carbon fiber construction and its nice light weight that is apparent from the second you pick up the board. The Absolute features a straighter outline with relatively square tips and a two-stage rocker that sports a relatively flat section in the center with more kick in the tips. The Absolute feels really smooth and fast through the water with solid tracking and good middle of the road grip from the fins. The Absolute wants to scream upwind; you can feel the featherweight construction as it sticks to your feet on little chop hops and most noticeably when you boost big airs and slip in some rotations. The low weight feeling of a carbon board during big airs is a luxury that makes everything from liftoff to rotations to the landing feel effortless, crisp and just more comfortable. Carbon boards can have a stiff feeling, but the Absolute delivers a forgiving flex pattern that doesn’t feel chattery or too rigid. The flex is sufficiently stiff and springy to delivery load and pop that is approachable and fun for entry-level and more advanced freeriders alike. The carving on the Absolute is fun ”” with its middle of the road grip, its outline with tight rails likes to lay into slashes with good bite and control. If carbon grew on trees, we think everybody would luxuriate in the pleasure of riding pure carbon boards. Sadly, money (and carbon) only grows on trees for the 1%ers. Still, we think kiteboarding equipment upgrades are always worth the financial sacrifice and that without question includes the Absolute.

With this board you get three inline insert options to adjust stance width and the Pro Pad footstrap binding system offers four slots on each side for dialing in your duck stance and comes in two different model sizes (S/M and L/XL). The Absolute comes with a plastic handle. Testers loved the super comfy rubbery footbed with its solid amount of cupping around the heel, substantial toe bump and contour underfoot. The rubbery feeling ribs offer your foot good traction and the density of the footpad can be adjusted by choosing from three different density foam blocks when you set up the pad (we liked the ”˜lite density’ with its cushy soft feel but that may depend on your weight). The straps offer multiple dimensions for adjustment to dial in the perfect coverage. The strap attachment points to the pad can move forward or aft and the inserts can be flipped side to side to effect different strap widths so you can dial basic mounting settings of the strap to suit your foot and arch size. The straps feature dual Velcro adjustment zones and a nice terry cloth sponge feeling underneath that feels smooth and comfortable against the top of your foot. The Pro Pad is a top performer for unparalleled comfort, grip and control.

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