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F-ONE Mitu Pro Bamboo
Sizes Available: 5’2″ x 17.7″,20.2L, 5’4″ x 18.1″, 21.8L, 5’6″ x 18’3″, 22.8L, 5’8″ x 18.5″, 23.9L, 5’10″ x 19.1″, 25.4L
Sizes Tested: 5’2″ x 17.7″, 20.2L

F-ONE Says:

The MITU PRO BAMBOO is available in 5 sizes from 5’2 to 5’10 and takes advantage of our full bamboo construction to offer the fantastic Mitu shape in a simple package using the excellent properties of natural bamboo for a light, responsive and durable board.

With the compact outline, the single deep concave remains the DNA of the MITU PRO MODEL, it is this unique shape that helps the board get on the plane early, accelerate in an instant and give directional stability. Combined with thin rails towards the rear, the fishtail offers the best combination between planing, stability, turning and pop. This unique mix of planing, stability and maneuverability is what makes the MITU PRO MODELS so unique and versatile.

Built with full bamboo layers on the bottom and two on the deck, the boards are incredibly durable and remain lightweight. Equipped with a tail pad, some foot strap inserts and with three Futures boxes the MITU PRO BAMBOO comes with a thruster fin set and the possibility to add a front pad as an option if desired.

Visit for more info: www.www.f-one.world/product/mitu-pro-bamboo/

Our Testers Say:

“Super smooth and turns great, good chop handling and great upwind ability. This board helped me nail my strapless jibes.” // Kelly Grief

“Really fun all around surfboard, generates speed really easily, nimble, quick pop and smooth landings. Light playful board with a wide outline that works great for freestyle and waves for riders of all levels.” // Dray Murray

“One of the best surfboards of the test, super carvey, goes upwind well through the punchy chop and feels fast down the line.” // Ray Borg

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

Every time we cross paths with the iconic Mitu Pro surfboard in our freeride test we find there are a ton of layers to peel back with this full line of sizes and various constructions. This year we tested the Mitu Pro in the bamboo construction in the choppy small windswell conditions of our freeride test. The 2020 Mitu returns with a substantial amount of bottom shape with a double concave in the nose and a subtle spine trending into a single concave channel out back through the tail. The Mitu has a substantial amount of rocker built into its nose while its tail combines a thruster fin setup with a narrow swallow tail that amplifies this board’s turning response. Typically the bamboo version of this board comes with only a tail pad, leaving the user to apply wax for the front foot, but the board we tested came with a ¾ length deck pad that was fairly plush. The bamboo version we tested featured two forward and aft footstrap options for your front foot and two options forward and aft for you your back foot with an extra set of inserts to put some duck into the rear strap.

The smaller sizes of the Mitu in the bamboo construction feature a really nice light weight and the outline seems to put its wide point and more volume a little farther forward. Generally, the Mitu is a very active board, but when you get into the smaller sizes the template begins to feel extra responsive and requires a bit more front foot pressure to encourage the shorter rail to stabilize while grinding upwind through the chop. The Mitu feels fast through the water but wants more power from the kite because it doesn’t have quite as much glide as the larger sizes. The Mitu initiates turns exceptionally well and offers a fair amount of grip in hard carving turns that makes this board straddle the divide between big and small surf. The Mitu has the precision control that works in bigger surf but still remains playful and fun in the small sloppy windswell of our test. In terms of choosing a size, this board typically rides smaller than a conventional surfboard, so if your normal board is a 5’11”, then you might choose a 5’8” Mitu. A bigger board gives you a bit more stability, which is good to keep in mind because the Mitu is a little more reactive compared to other boards such as the F-One Slice. The bamboo construction offers a solid compromise between lower weight and the feel of a denser flex pattern. Perhaps not as light as the carbon version, the bamboo gives you dampening and a direct feel that feels really good for performance surf. When it comes to strapless freestyle, the Mitu in the smaller size really doesn’t compromise. The tail rocker makes for a super clean load and release, ramping you into as much height as you could care to want. Its light weight and shorter length make rotations super easy and the board levitates/sticks to your feet really well during bigger airs. Overall, the Mitu Pro with bamboo construction is an exceptional choice if your focus is split between performance surfing and strapless freestyle and the smaller size keeps freeride lively and exciting.

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