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Sizes Available: 130cm x 39cm, 133cm x 40cm, 136 x 41cm, 139cm x 42cm, 142cm x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 41cm

Duotone Says:

The most popular board on the planet just got redesigned for 2020; the Jaime epitomizes what kitesurfing is about. Aimed at the rider that enjoys hooked freestyle as much as unhooked riding and loves to boost big when the wind is up, it’s an incredibly versatile board. The medium flex gives the right balance between great pop and a smooth ride through the choppiest of water. New for 2020 is the Carbon Web construction; this controls torsional stiffness and makes the board extremely responsive while ensuring a very connected feel when riding at speed. Quad channels in the base offer excellent grip, which makes take offs a breeze. The Double Diffusor Bottom and Absorption Flex Tips ensure every landing is a smooth one. Best suited to riders who wear straps the Jaime is one of the most progressive freeride and hooked freestyle boards on the market. If you want to find out why this board has caused such a stir in our sport, jump aboard and feel the feeling of freedom…

Visit for more info: www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/boards/twintips/jaime/

Our Testers Say:

“This board cut through the chop like it wasn’t there; very smooth, great for load and pop with solid grip and bindings that are exceptionally comfortable.” // Ray Borg

“Rips upwind like it is on rails and slips through chop with the perfect flex pattern for massive airs and forgiving soft landings.” // Matt Kargl

“Nice construction with light and locked in feel, fast and efficient with good edge control. Strap system is comfortable but complex to adjust.” // Pierce Martin

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The base model Jaime is back for 2020 with an upgraded Carbon Web construction that wraps the board’s core with a carbon weave and improves how the board flexes. The Jaime is a classic shape with its rounded outline fading into tips that are fairly squared off and a continuous moderate rocker bundled with a good amount of bottom shape. A dual concave and center spine in the center transitions into smaller channels that expand out through the tips with fairly good sized carbon fins (4.5 for the 130/133/136cm boards and 5.0 for the 139/242) at all four corners. For a standard model board, the overall weight on the Jaime feels really good (there is also an all carbon Jaime Textreme model that is lighter) in your hands. From the moment we stepped on this board we noticed the Jaime’s trademark locked in feeling, with exceptional tracking that just wants to set a rail and fly upwind. You can really feel the fins biting which makes it really easy to handle high speeds and lots of power while charging upwind or preparing for a big send. The Jaime’s flatter rocker feels exceptionally fast and efficient and gives the board a feeling of quick acceleration along with a ton of range through varying conditions. There’s just enough pull in the nose and tail to cut through the chop effortlessly without spray. The Carbon Web base layer doesn’t necessarily change the Jaime’s overall flex stiffness because the Jaime’s middle of the road stiffness keeps upwinding in chop smoothly with sufficient tension for good load and pop. The Jaime feels really active and crisp and inspires confidence and adrenalin in equal parts. The outline and extra grip in the tail make rail to rail carves and laying into turns super fun because the turn initiation is effortless and the grip just encourages more speed and aggression. The Jaime is still an unparalleled formula for performance freeride fun, scoring high marks for its well-mannered comfortable ride while seducing the big air charger with its crisp and agile handling that knows no limits.

The Jamie comes with a sliding track system embedded in the deck of the board that allows you an infinite number of stance width adjustments. Our board was set up with Duotone’s deluxe binding system, the Entity, which comes in four sizes so that you can dial in the perfect feel and most comfortable connection to your board. The base frame offers a ton of options for adjusting duck and you can change the pad’s position relative to centerline, effectively controlling how close your heel is to the edge. For all its features, the binding has a nice low-profile frame that hugs the deck and feels very secure with footbeds that have a nice rubbery feeling with medium to soft plushness, subtle heel cupping and soft toe bumps that allow your toes to really bite into the pad. The center of the footbed offers a little bit of contour under the arch of your foot and the entire setup ensures that your foot has a sure grip on the board at all times. The strap features the novel snap adjustment straps that replace the more common Velcro straps with the kind of snap system you find on the back of a standard baseball hat. The straps themselves are dual adjustable and each anchor point can be moved forward or aft in the binding to get the perfect coverage for your foot. The underside of the straps have a soft velvety fabric that feels good and snug against your arch and the snap button system seemed to put up with every kind of abuse we could throw at it. Some testers had less patience for the snap button strap adjustment system. The snap system takes two hands to line it up and is definitely something you want to set when you are on the beach as opposed to on the water. While it might take a couple of moments to familiarize yourself and make changes, it is quite clean and offers riders a visual indicator of your strap setting with just a glance and always earned high praise for comfort. With four sizes of footpads to choose from, Duotone is taking fit and comfort very seriously with the Entity and if you choose to do the same with selection and tuning you will be rewarded with premium comfort and performance for long hard sessions.