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CARVED Imperator 6
Sizes Available: 133cm x 40cm , 135cm x 41cm, 137cm x 42cm, 139cm x 42.5cm, 141cm x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 137cm x 42cm, 139cm x 42.5cm

Carved Says:

You will appreciate the workmanship, technology, performance and soul that goes into every handmade Imperator 6 Edition. Meet the board that would make Bernoulli and Coanda proud. A board that masters fluid dynamics to smooth out unruly chop, carve stylish turns, and inspire.

Although stunning on the surface, the real beauty remains hidden below. The unique Cartan® carbon unibody construction is a masterstroke in production technology. Under the exclusive Cartan carbon fiber, you will find a heart of solid, CNC milled, Paulownia wood. Known by boat builders as the finest nautical wood available, it resists decay and has superb flex characteristics.

Its powerful yet comfortable character is confidence inspiring even in tough, choppy conditions. Peerless performance derived, in part, from its new hull features. The distinctive and highly effective Imperator Ellipse continues in the 6th generation. The Ellipse channels forces to the fins and edges when warranted and absorbs the rest. For more pop and comfort.

Visit for more info: www.carvedcustoms.com/en/boards/imperator-6-edition

Our Testers Say:

“Light, responsive, does anything and everything I want this board to do. Jumps, carves, surfs and super light for switching directions.” // Kelly Grief

“This board wants to ride hard and fast, great pop but still wants to land soft. Extremely light board with pad/strap ratchet system that works quite well.” // Roland Erni

“Lightweight, stiff flex, absorbs chop really well, minimal spray and love the ratchet straps and chop absorbing with excellent pop.” // Pierce Martin

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The full-carbon Imperator 6 is back again with 1.8 G10 fins, a subtle V-hull that runs the length of the board and striking light weight that is apparent from the moment you pick up the board. The Imperator offers a rounded freeride template with square tips that offers a user-friendly ride that delivers excellent load and pop performance for more advanced riders. The 1.8 fins deliver nice grip while edging, giving it a clicked in feel but not so locked in that you can’t break the tail loose for easy transitions or riding blind. The Imperator goes upwind like a champ with little to no nose spray and the carbon Paulonia flex feels fairly stiff for a freeride board, which gives you a solid base for higher-level load and pop and a great platform into more advanced riding. The Imperator is fun for carving rail to rail and races upwind really well and the light weight on your feet is quite noticeable whenever the board leaves the water and you attempt rotational tricks. Overall, testers gave the Imperator high marks for exceptional big air performance, precise edge control with good chop handling.

The Imperator comes with two insert options to set stance width and quite a few options for adjusting duck in the pads system. The pads feature fairly dense EVA with a substantial amount of pattern/grip, with substantial cupping around the heel and toe bar to keep your foot feeling solidly secure in place. The straps use a ratchet system that offers a really easy incremental process to fine-tune your foot coverage with adjustments for both forward and aft placement on the binding as well as strap width and size.

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