Sizes Available: 3’10” x 18.7″, 16.2L
Sizes Tested: 3’10” x 18.7″, 16.2L

Liquid Force Says:

Top notch performance doesn’t always have to come in a big package, and the Orb Foilboard is a perfect example. It’s our pocket-sized foilcraft designed to rip, carve, jump, and easily float above the water’s surface. Small enough for easy travel and confident control over the foil wing, yet buoyant enough for easy planing.

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Tkb Says:

The Orb puts together a low volume high performance feel with solid design features that will appeal to experienced foilboarders looking to push their limits. The Orb offers nice and light glass construction with subtle chimed rails, an outline that moves the wide point forward and a big rounded nose. The bottom shape is a subtle double concave through the nose with a very subtle rocker and a little bit of scoop up front. The Orb features three threaded insert options for forward/aft front footstrap placement, with both center and windsurfing duck style stance and three forward/aft options for the back foot down the center. The mast tracks have a visual reference that counts from one to 10, helping you locate your mast in the ideal location every time.

The Orb is a super fun and flickable foil deck that sports lightweight glass construction and a minimal footprint that makes for a super lively ride. The Orb’s smaller volume makes strapless waterstarts easy with just the right amount of float to sink the rail and hold the board and wing in the starting position. The limited surface area requires a bit more power to get the board up to speed, but once you get the Orb in the air it feels like a mini carpet ride that amplifies all the sensations of your foil game. The low weight and small imprint of the board makes all your inputs transfer into the foil directly for a quick and agile ride. The subtle rocker in the nose helps with mild touchdowns and the minimal chine on the rails makes chop contact with the board’s outline while edging upwind a non-concern. You get tons of strap placement options (including the windsurf/race duck option) and a full-coverage deck pad that features smooth corduroy traction for a comfortable but grippy feel and a solid kick on the tail to keep your back foot on the board when moving your feet. Overall, the Orb is a great high performance board that offers just enough volume and surface area to bring the benefits of an advanced high performance foil deck well within reach of intermediate and aggressive beginners. Whether you like breaking sound barriers at blistering high speeds or laying into G-force inducing carves, the Orb is the perfect accomplice for foilboarding fun.

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