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CORE Fusion 4
Sizes Available: 133cm x 39cm, 135cm x 40cm, 137cm x 41cm, 139cm x 41.5cm, 141cm x 42cm, 144cm x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 137cm x 41cm, 141cm x 42cm

Core Says:

If you liked our Fusion 3, the Swiss Army® knife of kiteboards, you’ll love the Fusion 4. Our newest twin tip carries over all the good stuff from the Fusion 3 and then squeezes even more Cartan carbon into an improved outline. Is it really better? Yes! Popping off has never been easier, and you’ll never outgrow it. Fusion 4. An extraordinarily versatile allrounder.

Who do we make the Fusion 4 for? Simply, kiters of all abilities who don’t see boots in their future. If boots are your thing or might be your thing, then check out the Choice 3 or Bolt 3. Do you see yourself dabbling in strapped freestyle? No problem. The Fusion 4 Multi-Channels give you surprising grip should you go fin-less. Do you like waves? Go for it on your deep vee Fusion 4.

Our bestseller inherits its predecessor’s hard-charging multi-channel hull, chop busting V-shaped keel, and powerful Paulownia wood core. Reducing board thickness while adding more carbon fiber between the pads allows us to liven up the tips, add more pop, and most importantly, improve cruising comfort. Our lighter board sports a shiny new topcoat with UV blocking additives.

Visit for more info: www.corekites.com/us/boards/twintips/fusion-4

Our Testers Say:

“Great flex and pop, handles chop really well, easy to load and great for carving. Brings you upwind like a foilboard ”” I instantly felt confident and comfortable on this board.” // Matt Kargl

“This ”˜do anything’ board will rocket upwind, providing stiffness with the thicker edge that really allows you to load it up and go!” // Dan Lerer

“Lightweight and super comfy on my feet. This does just a bit of everything from carving and jumping to flying upwind, with a little skatier feel.” // Roland Erni

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Fusion is back with its mild-mannered user-friendly handling that’s more than willing to cross into the performance freeride category for a solidly fun romp. The Fusion sports a rounded outline with mildly rounded tips and a bottom shape that features a spine down the center with a couple of full-length channels along the rails from tip to tip with 48mm fins. The Fusion delivers a really nice ride that feels like riding on shock absorbers; the carbon in the board seems to suck up the chop and just made it super smooth and comfortable at all times. The rocker and the nose template work together really well in the chop and the larger fins work with the rail to offer a good amount of bite that gives a confident grip, even when you really load up the rail. The board offers medium board speed that doesn’t feel skatey, unstable or super-fast. When it comes to load and pop, the Fusion offers super accessible load and release with medium flex that offers up clean and easy release for big boosts. Landings were super comfortable with soft plush landings that seemed to use the rocker and middle of the road flex stiffness. The Fusion is also a great carving board with easy turn initiation for rail to rail carving with a little bit more focus on keeping the fins and edge tracking through turns. The Fusion scored high marks as the twin tip for long channel crossings and the board that can dominate extra choppy conditions while keeping its eye on performance big airs.

Our Fusion came with the newly released Union Pro 3 footpad and strap system that offers a ton of adjustability and comfort to the twin tip equation. The board features three inserts for adjusting the stance width and the pad system offers quite a few options for dialing in the perfect duck stance. The straps feature a double Velcro adjustment that allows you to change the tension over your toes and separately over the tallest part of your arch. Both adjustments are covered by a flap to keep the strap adjusters clean and tidy. The straps can be adjusted forward and aft on the footpad, so you get a ton of customization options to get the exact fit you want. The footpads feature ribbed EVA that didn’t have a ton of contours built into the pad, but they do have a very subtle toe bump and an overall soft feel to the base. The soft feel felt really comfortable without compromises; they had enough firmness to feel like you had control of the board but also felt nice, soft and plush, like you had suspension/shock absorbers between you and the board. The Core handle is padded which is forgiving if you’re getting raked over the board. Overall, the Union Pro 3 design offers an easily adjusted comfortable pad system that scored stellar remarks from testers.

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