We do it for the thrill, we do it for the love, we do it for the stoke! Dedication is all it takes, if you want something enough to put the time in and you’re willing to embark on the journey, the ride will be the prize. Not every goal that we set out for is what we end up achieving but, the dedication to our mission, the commitment to our goal is what makes it all so worth it even if the outcome is a surprise, we never fail to learn something when we put our heart into it….. Riding Jaws has always been Jesse Richman’s Everest to climb, he’s always training and always climbing. He’s not sure he’ll ever get there but every chance he get to dance with her, it’s nothing but magic. Amped to get a fun warm-up day early on this season check out Jesse Richman kiteboarding Peahi aka JAWS on Maui in October 2019.

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