Kite Clash 7 kicked off with the Amateur Freestyle event and the Canadian National Freestyle Championships.

Since the inception of Kite Clash in 2013, the competition has gotten bigger and better each year. Local riders from Squamish and the Greater Vancouver Area are joined by professional kiteboarders visiting from all over the world to enjoy the picturesque scenery and perfect kiteboarding conditions.

Aaron Hadlow riding at the Squamish Spit! // Photo Luke McGillewie

There are few kite spots in the world that can match the unique setup seen at the Squamish Spit. The wind direction here allows riders to jump right in front of – and sometimes over – the event spectators. Those that choose to sit in the ‘splash zone’ are right in the midst of the action!

Setting up gear at The Spit. // Photo Rick Meloff

Kiters that frequent this breathtaking destination take advantage of steady, side-offshore winds and butter flat water in the infamous ‘Honey Hole’. These kiters brave the cool temperature in the water to show us the best of Canadian freestyle kiteboarding!

2019 Kite Clash 7 Riders Meeting // Photo Rick Meloff

The Thursday action at Squamish Kite Clash featured local riders giving it their all in the Amateur Freestyle heats followed by the Canadian National Freestyle event. Junior’s, women’s, and men’s categories all competed for their chance to get on the podium.

The local crew and spectators alike shared the beach with the legends of the sport including visiting pro riders Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern from Duotone Kiteboarding, and Steven Akkersdijk and Eric Rienstra from our title sponsor Core Kites.

The results saw 4 men and 4 women heading through to the Amateur Freestyle finals which will be held later this weekend.

Top 4 Amateur Men:

Rick Renaud
Brett Wilson
Corey Coons
Jimmy Farrah

Top 4 Amateur Women:

Alex Waterson
Rachelle Lamothe
Rebecca Aldous
Kalena Nielsen

The 2019 Kite Clash 7 Canadian National Freestyle Champions // Photo Rick Meloff

The riders that made it onto the podium in the Canadian National Freestyle Championships are:

Canadian National Freestyle Junior:

1. Shaymus Finlay
2. Jordan Tulk
3. Tayne Steven

Canadian National Freestyle Women:

1. Lauren Holman
2. Crystal Veness
3. Alex Waterson

Canadian National Freestyle Men:

1. Jack Rieder
2. Lucas Arsenault
3. Sam Medysky

Kite Clash will continue throughout the weekend with more events including the Kiter-Cross racing event, International Open Freestyle, and Big Air-Style. Expect to see some fast-paced kite racing action tomorrow at the Squamish Spit.