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The 17th annual XBA KitExpo started out with clear blue skies and a buzz of electricity amongst those attending. As forecasted, the wind gave participants great conditions ranging from the mid to high 20’s.

With so many 2019 kites, foils and boards to test  out, many kiteboarders felt like kids in a candy store. As mid afternoon approached and the tide started to come in, playful waist to shoulder high sets rolled in making for fun ramps to launch airs or carve up surfing.

Liquid Force’s Brandon Scheid went out to play in the waves and gave spectators on the beach a show to watch, with wave punts and tons of airs. This motivated folks to join him, or maybe it had to do something with Tkb’s  photographer being out in the water.

By late afternoon the wind had increased as banners and flags whipped in the strong breeze. Kiteboarders who were not yet tired out from a full day of testing continued riding until the sun started to set over the water.

Saturday’s forecast is 10-15 knots, downwinder VAN RIDES weather permitting. MANDATORY BRIEFING MEET 12p @ registration to participate/get wristband for pickup. There will be a drawing starting at 5:30. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. After the drawing, Jaffa Café will be serving up a delicious healthy Mediterranean dinner. Dinner includes one hot shawarma pita wrap with all the fixings (two kinds of meat), grape leaf appetizer, baklava dessert, one drink (beer, water, or flavored sparkling water). $20/pp Limited to 125 tickets!

Follosing dinner participants will enjoy a beach bonfire and live acoustic music, including a special performance by Taizen ThomasWong, starting at 7:00pm. Bring your instruments and join in the jam session! Firestone 805 and IPA beer (cans) $5 per person until supply runs out!