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Keyfender Says:

Keyfender® answers the question: Where to leave your electronic car key while you are on the water, on an adventure or while working outside? Keyfender® defends your electronic car key against water, sand and shock. The innovative case has a patented seal which provides a waterproofness up to 10 meters of depth. It floats with the key inside and comes with a lanyard and short belt to be attached to the body or anywhere else. It has a soft rubber window which allows you to operate the key from the outside. Keyfender® has been in the prototype phase for two years and is made of durable, lightweight materials matched with a quality German design. Keyfender® just finished its Indiegogo funding and is available for purchase.

Visit for more info: https://keyfender.de/?lang=en

Tkb Says:

Last year I had a huge wake-up call about hiding car keys at the beach. Having my car stolen along with my work computer, I’ve been on a serious kick to find a safe yet convenient solution for my car keys while out on the water. Gone are the days of hiding my keys in the wheel well or in my gas tank; yet leaving them in a visible lockbox on the exterior of my car feels only marginally better. Taking my key with me on the water seems like the safest option, one which has only recently become viable after the R&D work of a German entrepreneur. When Christoph from Keyfender® called me and told me about his new waterproof car key case, I jumped at the chance to test it out.

The Keyfender® is designed to tightly seal your electric key in a waterproof case that you can take with you on the water. The watertight case opens with a twisting maneuver of two levers at the top. At first glance, it seemed a bit tricky to open but the twist top gets easier as you begin to understand how it works and gain some muscle memory for how to open the device.

We started off with a quick bubble-test, dunking the Keyfender® (sans key) in a bucket of water to make sure that no bubbles appeared and to confirm it was watertight. No bubbles means it was time to take this thing for a spin.

Keyfender® claims that it fits keys from 95% of cars on the market. While we can’t confirm that, this nifty .gif they’ve created gives you a good visual on the size and variety of keys that the device does fit. It also comes with three self-adhesive foam pads that you can stick to the inside bottom of the Keyfender® creating a more custom fit for your key while ensuring that it doesn’t rattle around inside the case. Just to be sure, the maximum size key that will fit in the Keyfender® is 9.5cm in length, 3.9cm wide and 2.1cm high.

When we got back to our car, we were able to lock/unlock our vehicle with wet hands using the front of the case’s flexible rubber window that allows you to press the buttons on your key while the case is still sealed closed.

The Keyfender® comes with both a neoprene lanyard to hang around your neck and a short nylon armband to keep the Keyfender® attached to your bicep while you’re in the water. We struggled a bit to get the armband to stay tight and in place with one set of hands, and without being tucked into your wetsuit, it lacks the extra security we’d really want while kiting. However, the armband might work great for less aggressive water activities. We ended up using the lanyard most often because it seemed to be the most efficient with a simple click to the top of the Keyfender® and then tuck it into the neck of our wetsuit before heading out kiting. At 4.5in x 2in, the Keyfender® can be a little bulky tucked inside a wetsuit, but we adapted quickly knowing that it’s a small price to pay for not having your car stolen. Overall, the Keyfender is an excellent alternative to the dangling lockbox and makes it quite easy to access your car on the fly.