AIRUSH Switch Team V2
Sizes Available: 138 x 41cm, 140 x 42cm
Sizes Tested: 138 x 41cm

Airush Says:

With the same amazing freeride performance as the Switch, the Switch Team offers a lightweight high response carbon construction. We combine this carbon construction with the Airush Multi-zone Biotech core; a vertical Paulownia wood core sandwich. This multi-layer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material. These two technologies take the standard Switch model to a new level, creating an extremely responsive freeride board which excels when loading, popping, landing and cruising. Featuring the Full-Flex Tip Technology found in the Switch, the Switch Team also features our full Carbon Torsion Control lay-up construction. This brings all the best elements of a high-performance carbon fiber competition board into our all-round freeride machine.

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Our Testers Say:

“A solid option for freeriding and freestyle due to its good upwind ability, great edge control and smooth landings. Pads are fairly firm.” // Tib Anghel

“Comfortable pads and straps, smooth ride through all waters. Great carving, load and pop, and good upwind ability and chop handing. Hard not to have fun on this board.” // Marko Bartscherer

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Switch is Airush’s freeride board for all around fun riding, combining ease of use with forgiving and friendly handling to match the needs of progressing kiters and those looking for a comfortable ride. This year we tested the Team construction which incorporates carbon glass over a word core and high-tech stuff like carbon nano rods, all aimed at keeping the weight down. Compared to the Apex we tested, the Switch had a little more rocker and pulled in tips that make the board a bit more playful, and much easier to use for rail to rail carving and friendly transitions. Testers noted the Switch’s excellent upwind ability and efficiency through the water as well as it’s ability to smoothly track through the chop. Even in the choppiest conditions, this board was really fun and easy to set on rail. The Switch is super fun for carving — it has just the right amount of grip with the tail fins and outline — transitioning through carves along the board’s rails is predictable and intuitive. The Switch features a softer flex pattern than the Apex and combined with the carbon construction this board finds a very nice balance with forgiving flex that also delivers some good load and pop, all while keeping the overall weight of the board on the lighter side of things. Overall, The Airush Switch continues to be a cream of the crop freeride board with really fun but user-friendly performance that gets the upwind job done in the bumpiest of conditions while also scoring high in carving and jumping. The Team technology brings a reduction in weight that amplifies the Switch’s freeride performance, making the Team construction a must-have choice for the Switch.

The Switch comes with three stance width settings on the board and the AK Element straps offer tons of duck settings to adjust your stance. The Element straps offer quad adjustments that are very straightforward and easy to adjust. The footbeds are a nice comfy rubbery pad with tons of ridges on the back and you can adjust the density of the pad by choosing between three inserts to place under the strap upon installation. We rocked the medium density and got tester feedback that ranged from really good to a bit on the firm side.

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