AIRUSH Apex Team V4
Sizes Available: 135 x 41cm, 138 x 42cm, 140 x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 138 x 42cm

Airush Says:

The Apex Team is our premium freeride/freestyle crossover board. Coming from the same roots as the Apex, the Apex Team combines the traditional construction and shape with our high-performance Carbon Fiber Torsion Flex technologies. Not only is this board built with a full carbon construction, but it also features our Carbon Nano Rod Technology – the biggest innovation in twin tips since the wood-core. The Airush Nano Rod Technology utilizes 3mm diameter carbon rods embedded through the Paulownia wood core in an arc formation. This allows the board to have amazing torsional response and strength without the need to change core thickness. The Apex Team brings the smooth elements of a freeride board together with the more aggressive elements of a freestyle board allowing riders to push their riding level while experiencing the benefits of a lightweight, high-performance construction.

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Our Testers Say:

“Pops well but felt loose and skatey on edge. Screams upwind and goes through chop well.” // Joe Chehock

“Strong in the chop, gave the boost of the day, wonderful footstraps, wide width gave stability, a bit of splash off the tips.” // Chris Myles

“Slightly wider outline with lower rocker, sharp rails. Loads and pops nice with clean release, but not enough side cut to be carvy. Freeriders who like jumping will love the pop; medium flex softens the chop but its stiffer than most.” // Dylan Dobbyn

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This year we tested the Apex in the Team construction that features carbon glass around a wood core with Airush’s unique nano rod technology. At first glance, we noticed the Apex’s flatter rocker and squarer tips and wider template which is Airush’s recipe for a more freestyle weighted freeride board. Compared to the Switch, the Apex features a significantly stiffer flex pattern that allows you to load a ton energy into the kiteboard and turn it into good unsent amplitude. Everything about the Apex is more geared towards more performance riding, ideal for the more aggressive freestyle kiter that does everything with more speed and skill. The Apex is a bit more skatey, which was noted by all testers. Compared to the Switch, the Apex requires a bit more work to keep this board on edge and rocketing upwind. The Apex feels incredibly efficient in the water with its single concave bottom and testers generally found that the Apex was fairly comfortable through the chop. When you put the stiffer flex pattern together with the wider squared tips you get a machine that wants to squeeze bigger jumps out of every session and stick bigger more powerful tricks. The Apex doesn’t forsake freeriding comfort altogether as testers reported comfortable chop handling but it does require a rider with confident edge control and the desire to push the performance limits.

The Apex comes with three stance width settings on the board and the AK Element straps offer tons of duck settings to adjust your stance. The Element straps offer quad adjustments that are very straightforward and easy to adjust. The footbeds are a nice comfy rubbery pad with tons of ridges on the back and you can adjust the density of the pad by choosing between three inserts to place under the strap upon installation. We rocked the medium density and got tester feedback that ranged from really good to a bit on the firm side.

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