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F-ONE Foil IC6 850 V2
Sizes Available: Area: 850cm² Weight: 1.09kg
Sizes Tested: Area: 850cm² Weight: 1.09kg

F-ONE Says:

The IC6 850 V2 is designed for anyone looking for a first foil purchase or simply for a versatile setup able to deliver tons of fun on the water. Made in our specific technology called Injected Carbon, our wings and stabilizers are very tough and very durable. This technology makes our IC6 wings a lot more ding resistant than conventional carbon wings. The front wing has a metal insert where the connector extending out of the wing is fully machined via CNC for a very solid and perfect assembly.

The fuselage and mast are made of aluminum. The fuselage plugs directly into the aluminum mast and at the top a 4-bolt plate that can be plugged in to get the foil compatible with any boards fitted with tracks. Alternatively, a selection of optional standards like KF, DeepKF or Tuttle heads is also available. This foil is not only versatile but it’s also very intuitive and predictable. The take-off is really progressive, the ride in the air super smooth. You have complete control on the speed and on your path. 850cm3 is the size of the front wing and it was especially designed to have the largest possible range of use. It can fly at very low speed, its handling is impressive when carving and it’s got a very nice speed potential up or downwind.

Visit for more info: https://www.f-one.world/product/ic6-850-v-2

Our Testers Say:

“Super easy foil for beginners. Slower than the Mirage and very easy to steer, I did my first jibes ever on this foil. If I had started on this foil I would have progressed faster. It’s stable and super friendly.” // Kristin Vincenzo

“Stiff construction rides with a really locked in, very stable feel. Moves slowly left to right (yaw) and its fun to pump.” // Dray Murray

“Hard to stall, great flying speed range. Medium stable yaw and roll. You could learn on this foil and keep it through intermediate riding.” // Dylan Dobbyn

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The F-One IC6 with the 850cm wing is a durable wing that offers a medium foil up speed and much faster high-end speed with extremely stable performance. We tested the IC6 which uses an injected carbon construction to form its front wing, which makes it more durable (and presumably more affordable) than a wing with a carbon fiber glass layup. Our setup came with the 300 cm trailing wing along with a 75cm aluminum mast with a 60cm aluminum fuselage. The front wing attaches via a skewer and a nut, and two star drive bolts connect the fuselage to the mast and four star drives connect the baseplate to the board. Putting the IC6 together is fairly easy and straightforward with a single star drive screwdriver and wrench. In terms of weight, the IC6 setup is middle of the road, neither shockingly heavy or light. This wing is not so much a freeride/carving foil as it is a foil that will hit higher speeds and allow you to cover a large distance. The 850 wing doesn’t feel as fast as the Mirage 800 wing, or as crisp, but it does foil up at a little bit slower speed which means it’s going to be a little bit more accessible for beginner/intermediate foilers trying to build skills. It takes a couple of power strokes to get the board going through the water before you engage a nice smooth liftoff. It’s not quite as slow or smooth as some of the surf wings we have tried, but not as challenging nor fast as the 800cm either. In terms of input and control, like much of the F-One line, this wing is very stable. The yaw/side to side axis is very stable, along with the roll and pitch axis, all of which is balanced and designed to make this wing feel sure-footed and predictable when hitting higher speeds. The 850cm is perhaps a little bit more playful than the Mirage 800, but still a very stable platform that is focused on high speeds. The IC6 850cm has a wide steering arc and requires quite a bit of input on the yaw axis and roll axis to initiate carves (to put it simply: this wing is inspired more by race than by surf) but when it comes to locking in a rail and flying upwind or tearing off and running with the wind, you will feel like you have a very stable platform to focus on control while giving you some extra brain space to focus on kite placement, the water whizzing underneath you, or taking in some of the quickly moving scenery. The IC6 850cm will probably find a great home in the hands of a beginner to intermediate foilboarder that is purely aimed at going fast, nailing tacks and looking to cover some distance with a wing that is both predictable and user-friendly at higher speeds.

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