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F-ONE Mirage Foil
Sizes Available: Area 650 cm², Area 800 cm²
Sizes Tested: Area 800 cm²

F-ONE Says:

The F-ONE MIRAGE kitefoil wings range is made of two sizes to suit all freeride and freestyle needs. Extremely easy to control, these wings offer smooth take-offs, effortless turns and fantastic stability. Flatter in the middle with tips accurately arched down the three wings share a similar arch profile which provides plenty of control and total maneuverability. Their aspect ratio is compact, providing more freedom in all maneuvers. They also have a refined twist distribution which not only helps with the glide but also make the power of the wing more manageable when carving lines.

To maintain optimal control, we build these wings in carbon pre-preg. And the larger sizes also have a foam core to keep them light. All sizes share the same metal insert with the FCD connector fully machined via CNC for a strong and perfect assembly. The MIRAGE wings fit all 2018 F-ONE foils, and also previous versions. All perfectly balanced, the MIRAGE wings are very accessible to any skill level with the larger sizes and will impress the most advanced riders with the smaller sizes.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/mirage

Our Testers Say:

“Very accessible foil, very stable on all axes, tops out in the low 20mph range. Very stable with the yaw axis responding slowly and deliberately.” // Dray Murray

“Medium stable yaw and roll, needs a little speed to fly. Good for going fast, more challenging to learn transitions with low speed.” // Dylan Dobbyn

“Very fast and super fun foil that’s easy to steer. Very easy to control with stability.” // Kristin Vincenzo

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The F-One Mirage with the 800cm Carbon fiber wing is a speed demon freeride machine that rockets upwind like no other. This year we tested the Mirage with the 800cm Carbon fiber front wing and the 300cm back wing all mounted on the 85cm extruded aluminum mast and a 60cm kite fuselage. This wing overall has a really crisp very solid feel underfoot and overall handles high speeds with a lot of stability, control and ease. You can really feel the efficiency of the wing in the water;  it has a really clean feel without any vibration or unwanted feedback ”” you literally feel the essence of speed under your feet. This wing is a higher aspect freeride wing and borderlines a race wing feel. The foil up speed on the 800cm is pretty high and  it takes a couple power strokes to get the foil up to foiling speed. We tested the 800cm with the F-One Pocket 130 and it took a little bit of effort to get the board speed into the lift range, but once you get this foil up onto speed it just wants to accelerate. When the 800cm gets into its zone it feels as if it wants to point to the moon with a really high upwind angle. For those looking for speed and crossing large distances this is really a high quality, easy to use wing for high-speed foilboarding. As far as freeride/carving goes, this is probably not the F-One model you would choose to carve up small waves. The 800cm has a really broad turning arc and its foilup speed is so high you’re screaming past waves with no ability to slow down and match the speed of the wave. With regards to input, the 800cm is very stable on the yaw axis; to turn the board you’ve got to put really aggressive side to side input into your front foot to initiate turns. The roll axis is fairly stable as well along with the pitch axis, which all translates to an extremely stable ride at high speeds. Because the inputs are so large and the response is slow, the 800cm is easy to control when you’re doing mach five. As expected, the 800cm wing doesn’t pump well at low speeds; you really just need to use the pull of the kite to get into the wing’s ideal speed range. When you do drop below foiling speed, the 800cm does drop like a rock. Unlike a freeriding carving foil, the 800cm is not designed to play around at low speeds ”” you want to crank up to ludicrous speed and keep it there. The longer mast at 85cm helps keeps the wing buried when you’re going fast and the aluminum mast feels crisp and responsive with no flex. The 800cm also felt super comfortable off the wind. Even though going downwind can be scary, particularly when you factor in the speed of this foil, the 800cm had that potential but overall, the wing felt quite comfortable. Putting together the foil is quite easy will all the same sized star drive bolts and the wing nut holding the front wing onto the fuselage. This setup feels well built but fairly light for carrying on the beach. Overall, the 800cm Mirage is your super stable speed demon that’s a great partner for covering some miles or pushing top speeds if you’re looking for a production foil with a top end that feels limitless.

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