Sizes Available: 5’2″, 5’4″, 5,6″, 5’8″
Sizes Tested: 5’4” (163cm), 19” (48.6cm), 2.3” (5.8cm), 25.4L

Airush Says:

The AMP II was developed directly from our favorite dedicated all-round surf shape, combining a flat rocker for high speed and control, with a higher curve outline to optimize the maneuverability.

The narrower diamond tail is ideal for kiting, as it maintains control at high speed while the wider center and fuller nose work with the flat rocker to optimize the low wind performance.

The bottom shape features a single to double concave through the center section to absorb chop and offer a smooth ride. The winger channels introduce more rocker into the tail section for added snap off the top, while keeping a fast rail rocker for drive through the bottom turn.

The AMP II is the ultimate blend of drive and maneuverability, ideal for less powerful surf and onshore days. Ride it one size smaller for higher wind and flat water boosting or one size bigger for surfing and kiting crossover. The AMP II sets a new paradigm in smaller wave performance, but will surprise you in all conditions.

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Our Testers Say:

“The carbon Amp is so light, it’s amazing for strapless airs, even in light winds. Its also quite strong, our test board is showing no wear from the constant tester abuse. The stubby shape with rounded tail is quite agile and stable in the chop and can carve comfortably for tons of fun in small to medium swell.” // Dray Murray

“Fast, sharp turning, locks into track at speed, can be twitchy, fast slashing board for quick moves.” // Dylan Dobbyn

“Wide board that was really easy to switch feet in transitions, floats with good buoyancy that keeps you up. This board was easy to progress on.” // Chris Myles

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Airush Amp was one of our favorite boards for bump and jump strapless freestyle with the Reflex Carbon Inegra construction in the 5’4” x 19 size. This board is super fun with a surprisingly light construction, making it potentially one of the lightest boards in our test. The Amp bottom shape features a single concave through the tail and thruster fin box configuration. The Amp has a bit more volume — you can feel it in the deck with a bit of quirkiness and a bit of rail chatter going into the wind from being such an active shape. The Airush Amp feels great for more aggressive and confident riders who want a quick and nimble responsive board for pushing the limits. We tend to expect a little bit of rail chatter on the upwind legs from a board this light and responsive, yet it went upwind quite well and felt efficient through the water. The tail feels loose and skatey, not super locked in, but rather ready to break loose for fun slashes off the top. Having a nice skatey tail can make the board really fun in smaller surf and might be more acceptable for more aggressive surfers looking for an aerial board. In this size range this board is probably optimal for small to medium surf and with its extremely lightweight carbon construction. it helped us land even the most half-assed strapless trick attempts. The Amp II comes with a split front and back pad; we did think that the front pad could cover a bit more width, particularly for strapless freestyle (if we installed the pad, we would have just put the panels slightly wider apart for more deck coverage). Overall, this little potato chip was super fun and playful, a great board for learning strapless freestyle with easy rotations and durable construction that seems like it will hold up to your best beatings. The Amp is a great alternative for those surfers looking for a playful freestyle stick who want nothing to do with the modern planing hull parallel rail thing.

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