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Patagonia ups their sponsorship to get behind the good cause of locally world famous La Ventana Classic!
Rallying behind The Classic’s theme of supporting local education with their full array of waterman events.

The La Ventana Classic is now officially a Patagonia powered event!The event will feature SUP downwinders of all lengths including the iconic crossing from Cerralvo Island. Watch Patagonia ambassador Gerry Lopez show the youngsters how its done and keep an eye out for the new SUP foil class!
Kiteboard freestyle going big above the crowd! The strapless division will showcase the latest rippers.

Kiteboard foil course racing including the Classic’s iconic criss cross race from La Ventana to Cerralvo Island and back!
Kiteboard slalom racing right in front of the crowd. Watch them break away or tangle up!

Enduro downhill and 10k mountain biking finishing right at the water’s edge at the event site. Watch local champs racing side by side with visiting all-stars on La Ventana’s insane new trails.

Get ready for the Patagonia powered La Ventana Classic, the event that keeps local kids in school.

More info here: https://www.laventanaclassic.com/