What do Dutch kiteboarder Jerrie van de Kop, a shovel and a melting glacier have to do with one another? Seemingly very little until you tie them all together in an epic wind-assisted journey from the island of Zanzibar across the arid planes of Tanzania and all the way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Over the course of the 250-mile voyage, Jerrie’s itinerary incorporates six different wind-powered modes of transportation in order to reach his goal of being the first person to snowkite the Kibo Crater. Following Jerrie on his journey is a film crew from Eyeforce, the Netherlands-based film company that has filmed other notable kiteboarding documentaries including Chapter One, and through a partnership with Red Bull, Eyeforce and Merrell outdoor clothing company, Jerrie has leveraged his adventure into a visual eye-candy actionsports documentary that brings awareness to the growing effects of global warming.

Set in a small schoolyard in a village off the east coast of Zanzibar, 28 miles off the mainland of Tanzania, Jerrie stands before a class of local school kids, showing off his futuristic foilboard contraption and communicating the importance of his mission. Translating through a young local boy named Luckman, Jerrie describes how climate change is rapidly melting the glacier atop Mount Kilimanjaro, reducing the runoff that feeds the surrounding ecosystems, and illustrates how arid soils are unable to retain rainfall. He explains to the kids how he hopes to be the first person to snowkite the Kibo Crater and yet if the glacier continues to melt, he may be the last.

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