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Sizes Available: 133 x 40cm, 135 x 41cm, 138 x 42cm, 141 x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 135 x 41cm, 138 x 42cm

Cabrinha Says:

The XCaliber wood is an all new construction for a performance freestyle board that will widen your playing field. The XCaliber wood model is the more flexible counterpart to the XCaliber carbon model. The full wood version of this incredible freestyle shape delivers a smooth ride and increased control in rough waters. Edging into a trick on choppy water is effortless and controlled landings are the standard. The combination of its fast rocker line and complex channels all add up to make this board a standout freestyle contender. Comes with 40cm fins and handle.

Visit for more info: www.cabrinhakites.com/collections/twin-tips/products/xcal-wood

Our Testers Say:

“Super great load and pop, light weight making spins really easy, very comfortable landings; flexes well into the chop with good upwind ability.” // Chris Myles

“Extra skatey for a freeride board; liked the grip material on pads, made toe creep easy. Footstraps were comfortable but didn’t have that much foot coverage.” // Kurt Althen

“Surprisingly light, absorbs landing without hurting my knees and rockets upwind with excellent load and pop and fun carving.” // Tiberiu Anghel

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This year we tested the XCaliber, Cabrinha’s performance freestyle twin tip in its wood construction. The XCaliber offers three stance width options and three options for adjusting the duck stance. Overall, the XCalber felt a little more skatier with more rocker than the Ace freeride board we had tested. Putting the XCaliber on edge requires a little more back foot pressure and effort but when it comes to jumping, the Paulownia wood core offers a stiffer flex pattern for ultimate load and pop, yet also feels forgiving on harder landings. The XCaliber can be super fun for carving and is user-friendly in the hardest chop. While the additional rocker is desirable for freestyle tricks, the XCaliber doesn’t feel quite as fast or efficient through the water as the Ace, which makes us want to ride it a bit more powered.

The XCaliber came with H1 pads and straps system which features a single Velcro adjustment strap and a fairly dense foot bed that is somewhat light on contours. Testers commented on the pads’ middle of the road grip with the H1’s dense rubbery foot bed pattern throughout and a subtle toe bump. Testers remarked that the straps are fairly narrow at the arch of the foot and those with smaller feet were challenged to get it adjusted for a good fit.


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