Sizes Available: 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16m
Sizes Tested: 6, 9, 12m

Naish Says:

Uncover your personal riding style with the adaptable and accessible Boxer. A nod to the straightforward design of its namesake, the all-new Boxer blends efficiency and innovation for a riding experience that is both versatile and forgiving.

A single luff strut marries the best characteristics of strutless and strutted kite designs. The strut’s relaxed connection to the canopy creates a dynamic structure, which allows the canopy to freely expand and contract, while maintaining the strength of a strutted framework to handle heavier loads with ease.

An outstanding underpowered kite, the Boxer is incredibly easy to relaunch, light to the touch, responsive but gentle. Very easy to sheet in and go, this kite is quick, easy to control and generates power quickly. It’s light and lively feel at the fingertips makes it approachable and forgiving. In short, the Boxer is the proverbial “yes man”—eager to please, easy to control and supportive enough to explore your own style.

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Our Testers Say:

“Enjoyed it as much as my Pivots; very fun, nice feel and responsive. Fairly light feel but you know where it is and what it is doing, no downsides other than a little less range.” // Tom Turley

“Quick stable turns that generate good power, easy to charge upwind with, fun down loop turns. It handled gusts well for a single strut. Loved the bar, very comfortable, liked the larger diameter grip.” // Chris Myles

“Minimalist lightweight single strut design provides a stable and predictable ride fit for beginners or pros alike.” // Justin Lord

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

The Boxer is back for its second year as Naish’s super lightweight single strut canopy with an all around cruising comfortable feel. This kite features a single strut airframe with a low to medium aspect canopy and sweptback wingtips. The Boxer has a high flow Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle on standard pump hoses and Naish’s proprietary internal check valve for easy inflation of the strut without the clunky distribution hose. This system does require that you open the 9mm check valves on the struts when deflating the kite that you need to remember to close upon inflation. The Boxer has three wingtip settings for adjusting bar pressure and a single setting front bridle which uses a single pulley for adjusting the sheeting angle. The front bridle attachment points end in loops and the wingtip attachment points end in knots. The Boxer experience is one of comfort and ease, with light bar pressure and really nice progressive sheeting. The kite is easy to control and makes for a casual experience with steering input that is fairly direct and its turning speed is fairly quick but not unpredictable. The turning arc is a reasonably tight pivot. Because this is a single strut you don’t get the really tight steering response and comparatively speaking the canopy feedback is a bit muted compared to a three or five strut performance freeride kite like the Pivot, but that’s the potentially desirable tradeoff between the comfort of a Cadillac against the edgy performance of a Porsche. The Boxer isn’t a slouch by any means, it generally has good range, feels very light in the sky and moves fairly quickly across the window. The one downside to the single strut concept is the freeform canopy tends to flap when sheeting out in overpowered conditions, but the Boxer kept that to a minimum and mostly in excessive conditions that testers found forgivable. Perhaps in part due to the drain windows built into the wingtips, the relaunch on the Boxer is excellent; with a little bit of tension the kite auto rotated in the heart of the window and popped right up. Overall, the Boxer is a great all around cruising freeride kite ideal for the casual kiter, foilboarding, and the traveler trying to beat weight limitations and those looking for a user-friendly all around kite.

The Boxer came with Naish’s Torque ATB (Above the Bar power adjustment) control bar. This bar features a dual adjustable length bar (45-50cm) with a single center-line safety depower, low V, spectra sheeting/throw line, replaceable insert, no sliding stopper, and above the bar Clam cleat power adjustment with adjustable length throw. The quick release integrates a below the bar swivel which keeps the rigging above the bar refreshingly simple and doubles as quick release guard. The center lines end in knots and the outside lines end in loops. The molded foam floats are integrated into the bar ends and are flexible enough to fold down easy for quick and painless wrap jobs. The retractable bungees have an easy to grab tab and a solid clip to ensure your lines stay on the bar between sessions. The adjustable bar ends make it easy to adjust the effective length of the bar and also allow you to tune the outside lines for length in the event of line stretch. The chicken finger is a rigid material that ensures against foul hooks and can be rotated out of position for easy hook and unhooking for the more aggressive freestyle riders out there. The grip has a nice rubber feel with solid texture and an ergonomic shape that accommodates both riders with wide and narrow grip stances (smaller bar diameter in the center for narrow grip stance riders). Overall, the Torque has the unique distinction of packing a ton of useful features into a lightweight and well-designed package.

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