Sizes Available: 4’10”, 5’0″, 5’2″, 5’4″
Sizes Tested: 5’2″ x 17″.88 x 2″, 22L

BWSurf Says:

The BWSurf Stallion V2 Kiteboard is the 2nd generation of the Stallion which is now stronger, more sustainable, and with even higher performance. The Stallion V2 is now a stamped and certified Ecoboard, BWS has improved their manufacturing to reduce carbon emissions and waste. By switching to a higher quality fiberglass and lay up process, as well as more exact cutting and channeling tooling, BWS and Appletree have produced an even stronger and higher performance Stallion.

Inspired from Tomo but #nothinglikeatomo—we’re proud to present our own modern planing hull (MPH) board, the Stallion kiteboard. The Stallion is a pure kite board design, with a bulletproof, state of the art construction and the highest performance. A very easy, super fast and really controlled ride. You’ll be astonished by the speed you can carry with this board. Great turning on the wave. The bottom is one of the most incredible features of the board. The deep channels in the bottom funnel air and water under the board for unmatched speed and control. When you feel like jumping the Stallion will steal the show and landings are smooth thanks to its aggressive channels that disperse water upon landing. The cut off wider nose and the handy grab rail make it easy to keep on your feet. The Stallion’s construction perfectly balances strength and weight, which makes light enough to stick to your feet during aerial maneuvers and you don’t have to worry about hard landings damaging your board, the Stallion can handle anything you throw at it.

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Our Testers Say:

“Where have you been all my life—flies upwind, locked in carving, smooth and will dice any wave due to its sharp rails.” // Tiberiu Anghel

“Floaty and easy to practice foot transitions, handles choppy conditions well, holds toeside edges really well, great for progression.” // Chris Myles

“Yum yum yellow—banana-colored shark bait! Smooth and stable, nice light weight, front foot pressure helps the board not bounce through chop, excellent upwind ability and carving.” // Davey Beard

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The second generation BWSurf Stallion is not only an certified Eco-board, it’s a crowd pleasing all-around performer that raised eyebrows for its user-friendly platform for footwork, carving surf, easy strapless air boosting and all around fun. The first thing we noticed about the Stallion is that when edging upwind it has a really solid, locked-in feel which is probably owed to its MPH (modern planing hull) straight-railed design and the substantial channeling built into the bottom shape, although the board wants to lock in a straight line, when you stomp on the tail the board then becomes extremely responsive to turning. In the quad configuration the tail feels really locked in for both bottom and top turns with really grippy carves. The overall construction feels light which is great for strapless flippy tricks and airs, but our take is that the board is durable enough to take a pounding. Testers liked the wider template as it gave them a stable platform for switching their feet. The width also seemed to help strapless rotations by levitating the board against our feet into the wind. The board we tested came with a Dakine rubbery deck pad up front and traction pad in the back which were an amazingly comfortable combination with this board, but the board as sold comes sans inserts and without pads. Testers praised the Stallion for its easy upwind ability, solid tracking and recommend this board highly as a freeride strapless option for kiters of all skill levels.


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