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Sizes Available: Mast: 60cm, 94cm
Sizes Tested: Mast: 94cm


Created in collaboration with Cloud IX surf foils the Impulse wing set confidently crosses kite, surf and wake hydrofoiling. Designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with a wide speed and wind range. The Impulse will take your freeride kite hydrofoiling to the next level. Allowing more time for tack and jibe transitions, constant wing engagement on jump landings, and the ability to drop a size kite or get out in even lighter wind conditions than ever imagined. These same design attributes make the Impulse ideal for mounting on a hydrofoil compatible SUP or prone surfboard. Efficient and smooth controlled lift, along with the ability to generate glide by pumping the wing, keeps swell energy connectivity easy and manageable. This magic can be translated behind the boat where the Impulse excels at sustained hydrofoiling on both the primary and secondary wakes with or without the rope!

Visit for more info: www.liquidforcekites.com/product/foils/impulse-foil/

Tkb Says:

For those out there that view foilboarding as another way to experience the feeling of surf, then the Liquid Force Impulse should be at the top of your demo list. The Impulse features a 94cm aluminum mast with a carbon fuselage and a set of wings that were designed by foilsurf company CloudIX. Because this is basically a prone foilsurfing wing, the Impulse foils up at an incredibly slow speed that is both user-friendly for those that are learning and ideal for those that are chasing waves. Because the Impulse can stay on lift at such an incredibly slow speed, it allows you to pause, stall or just putter around at a speed that matches the energy of a wave. Faster foils lock you into a minimum speed that force you to pass up swell just to keep the foil flying, but not so with the Impulse.

The Impulse is a little bit more reactive than some of the other freeride foils we rode during test week but this allows you to snap tight carving turns and  pump up and down aggressively to create forward momentum and lift,  even when the kite is barely maintaining line tension. The inputs and reactivity on all axes are well balanced and just about equal, and while the input and reactivity might be coveted by more advanced riders, the overall control is not unpredictable to the extent that a surf-focused beginner couldn’t master. The 94cm mast feels extremely generous and keeps the foil in the water in hard turns and makes railing upwind fairly easy. Overall, the Impulse design is one of the lighter constructions out there which makes getting the thing to the water and waterstarts a bit easier. For those who like going in a straight line at high speeds, the Impulse will top out fairly quickly but for surfers and beginners that is probably this foil’s selling point. Overall, the Impulse scores high as a surf-oriented freeride foil that does just about everything well and as a bonus, for those no wind days, you can paddle into some mushburger waves and foilsurf under the energy of just the surf.


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