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Sizes Available: 4.5, 5.5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15m
Sizes Tested: 8, 9, 11m

BWSurf Says:

After the Æneema’s success, expectations were high to create a better and more advanced wave kite. And although we (and so many kiters around the world) love the Æneema, we still felt that there was much room for improvement.

We wanted to create a wave kite that turns super fast but at the same time keeps the best elements of our early BWSurf Noise models, primarily drift and stability. With the Æ2 we can proudly say we’ve succeeded in this mission. The Æ2 is a complete re-design with a smoother profile and faster turning achieved in part through altering arc shapes through each size. The response on the wave and drift is far greater than any other kite we have made or flown. A tricky combination to achieve but one that delivers a far more user-friendly performance to the rider and will make riding in waves (or landing freestyle tricks) smoother and more achievable for all levels of rider.

Each size of BWSurf AE2 Kitesurfing Kite has been specifically designed for its purpose and wind range (no up or down scaling). The Leading Edges in bigger sizes are lighter and thinner but still hold enough volume for a rigid frame and fast relaunch. Additionally, each kite size has its own specific bridling frame for best performance.

The Æ2 is an incredibly high performance and complete wave kite for all conditions and all levels.

Visit for more info: www.bwsurf.com/product/bwsurf-ae2-kitesurfing-kite/a>

Our Testers Say:

“Much better turning kite, super stable, medium plus bar pressure with excellent relaunch and a super smooth predictable flight that makes this good for the waves and passable for freeride. ” // Davey Beard

“Turns fast with good upwind ability, power delivery wasn’t smooth at times and the spinning knob to power up took a while to get used to.” // Justin Lord

“An incredibly fast turning and looping kite with phenomenal drift makes for a superb wave and foil machine. Cons are little bit of back stalling and awkward grip.” // Tiberiu Anghel

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

The Æneema 2 a lower aspect SLE with sweptback wingtips that BWS markets as a surf kite. Last year we tested the LTD version which had some tech changes but this year the model has gotten a reboot. The Æ2 features a single setting front bridle with no pulleys and two wingtip settings. Inflation is quick and easy with the standard Boston valve, but for those unfortunate days when you show up to the beach with the wrong nozzle there’s a 9mm valve as an alternate—nothing like sitting on a beach looking at perfect surf with nothing but the wrong pump equipment. The build quality on the Æ2 continues to be bomber with lots of Dacron and a larger leading edge diameter, all which contributes to a very durable if not slightly heavier airframe. All of our testers commented on this kite’s impressive drift and stability—the Æ2 is very comfortable flying deep in the window with slack lines, making this the optimal tool for surf and carving. Testers found the power delivery to be gentle and progressive through the throw/travel of the bar, and while the kite has good turning response the overall turning speed is good but not scary fast which makes this kite predictable and user-friendly. When this kite is powered up it delivers good lift and hangtime despite this not being the kite’s intended purpose. The steering arc seems to turn in a bit tighter than previous versions but far from the pivot style steering arc you find in a delta style airframe. The relaunch is good with its sweptback wingtips; the Æ2 relaunched deep from within the window with minimal pressure on one side of the bar for a reliable relaunch every time. Overall the Æ2 continues to evolve as a model that accomplishes excellent drift in the heart of the window for following surf, powering up and down with good range and user-friendly steering characteristics that make it an excellent option for surf and freeride foilboarding.

The AE2 came with the Blue Chip Bar which has a completely new design for 2018 with one of the new internal bar power systems that adjusts the tuning of the kite’s power from the inside of the bar by altering the length of the outside lines (compared to the traditional center-line power adjustment configurations). The Blue Chip features a single center-line depower safety system in a fixed length bar which has the center lines ending in a loop and the outside lines ending in a knot for rigging purposes. The bar uses a PU-coated depower/throw line and an adjustable stopper to adjust the travel. Because the kite’s tuning is all handled inside the bar you can set the sliding stopper for an exceptionally long throw and the upper part of the bar is incredibly clean. The actual tuning is handled with a dial that is located on the lower right side of the bar. You twist the dial clockwise to power up the kite and to depower you push the dial to the side and it pays out an extra inch or so of outside line length. The system worked flawlessly with the right technique, although when overpowered it did help to sheet out the bar to reduce load on the outside lines when twisting the knob to depower. Unlike the other system on the market (North Click bar), the BWS version has various apertures underneath and on the side of the bar where you can see the internal pulley mechanism. We assume this non-sealed approach allows you to clean the sand out of the bar after every session, and perhaps that’s a habit worth getting into. Testers commented on the larger diameter grip as being wider than what they are used to and the texture being larger than most. This bar features padded bar ends, integrated floats and retractable bungees when it comes time to wind the lines onto the bar.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://www.bwsurf.com/product/bwsurf-blue-chip-bar/


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