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Jeremie Tronet is the ultimate freerider relishing in the one-strut Mono and living for the lighter days. The guys at North Kiteboarding caught up with Jeremie Tronet to talk about the newly launched 2018 model.

Can you introduce the 2018 Mono?

The 2018 Mono is a one-strut kite with amazing low wind performance and lightweight design. It flies in conditions where other kites would be too heavy. Keeping the one strut instead of going strut-less makes it very easy to relaunch no matter how little wind there is.

Where does the Mono fit in the North Kiteboarding range?

It’s without a doubt the best for flying in light winds. The 15m is a powerhouse and will generate lots of pull when other kites will be stuck on the beach. The smaller sizes are perfect for anyone who likes to fly small kites in light wind as well as foiling. They are also ideal for kids! Normally small kites need lots of wind, but the 7m Mono will fly very well in 10-15 knots.

Why do you choose to ride the Mono?

The Mono is my kite of choice for all of my foil sessions. I love how the kite responds to rider input and performs in the air. It’s easy to relaunch and I’m able to ride my 9m and 7m in 8 – 15 knots, perfect!

Tell us a little about how versatile it is and how the design supports this?

Its stability and easy handling make it a very versatile kite in most conditions and for most riders. The two hard and soft settings on the tips of the kite allow every rider to fine tune the kite.

What are your thoughts on the Trinity TX material?

Personally I’m really excited about the new Trinity TX material on all the kites this year. It’s so important to have a crisp feel that allows the product perform to the best of their ability throughout their lifespan.

We use Monos in my JT Pro Center in the Grenadines. Having a stronger material for teaching is much appreciated.Which bar and line lengths would you recommend and why? 

I love to use the Mono – in fact all of my North kites -with the Click Bar. Depending on what I was doing, I would either keep or remove the extensions. For foiling I like to ride 22m lines, however I would add the 2m extensions if I wanted a more power.

Who will enjoy the Mono?

Everyone will enjoy the Mono. It’s fun and super accessible! It’s perfect for foiling, light winds or anyone who likes to use small kites. Oh and it’s perfect for kids and lighter riders. It’s easygoing and straightforward. I really recommend trying the 15m Mono for great power and performance when other kites can’t be launched.

Learn more about the Mono here: https://www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/kites/mono/

This article was updated on July 16, 2019.