The fastest wind-powered sailors are coming to San Francisco this week! The St. Francis Yacht Club is
hosting the 2017 Hydrofoil Pro Tour kite racing Wednesday August, 2nd through to Sunday, August 6th . The
venue is the world class sailing arena of the San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge and some of the
most challenging conditions for any sailing. Come on down to Crissy Field and witness the fastest sailors
in the world battle it out on the third stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2017!

What is the Hydrofoil Pro Tour you might ask? Over 40 currently registered racers ride above the water
on carbon fiber hydrofoils. The hydrofoils look like aeroplane wings at the end of a long carbon fiber
shaft. They ride above the water at speeds in excess of 40 mph! Powered by ram air foil kites, these riders are going upwind faster than anything else. Racing is a balancing act, like riding a unicycle… on water. Riders are powered by a large kite that needs to maintain constant pressure. The skill level of these riders is incredible. When they zoom past the beach at Crissy Field, you will be amazed.

This fleet of racers come from all over the world. Local previous world champion Johnny Heineken will be battling it out with the 2016 tour champion Nico Parlier from France, 3rd place Nico Landauer from Uruguay, and many other international riders including Ollie Bridge, Axel Mazella and local top racers along with 2016 Rolex Yachtswoman of the year Daniela Moroz who will be racing head to head with the gentlemen.

Grab your beach chair, fill your cooler and head down to Crissy Field for some incredible racing, chilling
and spectating. The forecast is on for wind, sun and plenty of entertainment.

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