Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, 10, 11, 12m
High Wind Test Sizes: 5, 7m

North Says:

The Neo is a purebred wave kite ready to meet your wave shredding needs. Perfectly suited to hardcore wave fanatics and strapless wave freestyle riders, this powerful kite design allows you to use 1-2sqm less than you would normally do on other models, which automatically makes you use faster turning kites!

The high performance design concept makes the Neo travel fast and effortless when riding towards the kite or surfing down the line, but delivers smooth power when needed, e.g. in powerful bottom turns. The Neo is the guarantee for a responsive ride with excellent maneuverability. Due to its accessible steering, the forgiving feel and a quick and easy relaunch, the Neo is also ideal for freeriding, doesn’t matter if on a twin tip or a surfboard.

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TKB Says:

The North Neo is 3-strut medium to low aspect drifting grunt machine that North markets as their surf kite. The Neo features a two setting front bridle that offers adjustment between a stock “medium depower” and “high depower” setting with a simple single pulley setup on each side. The neo’s wingtips offer two settings which North calls an Adaptive Tip technology to allow riders to switch between hard/soft setting. The connections on the Neo use a knot on the front bridle pigtail and the wingtip pigtail ends in a loop. This kite features North’s large diameter inflation valve that connects directly with its proprietary pump hose and without the use of a nozzle. The inflation system’s twist valve opens and closes with the insertion and removal of the hose. All the North kites come with a dump/drain valve on one side of the leading edge and generally this setup makes inflating and packing up quick and easy. (Inflation hint: You do need the correct hose, but if you show up at the beach empty handed you can rotate the valve closed and with a set of helping hands use a Max Flow (LF) pump attachment to get the kite to your desired pressure) Out of the box the Neo features medium plus bar pressure and a nice tight pivot turn with fairly crisp steering response. We started out flying the Neo on the front bridle stock setting (medium depower) but since we were overpowered we switched the setting to “high depower” and adjusted the throw on the Quad Control bar to give us a little more bar movement while the Click Bar had all we needed. We immediately noticed an increase in the amount of depower which helped us in the waves; we also noticed that extra pivot on the angle of attack added some bar pressure and changed the power delivery along the throw of the bar from generally progressive to a little more on/off. The turning speed on the Neo is solid, both quick and predictable, with decent but not scary across the window speed and solid turning speed that generated a fair amount of power through the turn. The Neo excels in its drifting down the line and is easy to place in just the right spot, yet because of its grunt the team gravitated towards the high-depower setting for most our sessions. The Neo gives good feedback into the bar and is fairly forgiving against stalls in the underpowered/over-sheeted scenario and the Neo relaunched out of the water every time we needed it, simply by applying pressure to one end of the bar until it popped up, cleared the water off the wingtip and re-entered the air. The team really liked the refined aspects of the Neo with its clearly labeled rigging adjustments and it’s all around user-friendly performance that allows you to focus on the surf side of the equation.

The Click Bar is the latest 4-line control bar released by North and features a new power adjustment system that is built into the control bar and is easily accessed while riding. By simply twisting the right side of the bar you can power up your kite, or by pressing a button you can depower it, keeping the power controls within your reach at all times; a visual indicator built into the bar shows where you are in the tuning of your kite. The Click Bar comes in a single 49cm length with 22m or 24m line lengths and features a single center-line safety depower system, high-V, a durable plastic throw line that untwists itself after you spin, a sliding stopper and North’s proven push away quick release. TKB-FREERIDE-2017-NORTH-BAR-CLICK-BARThe bar features retractable bar bungees, soft bar ends and integrated floats. The Click Bar settles the debate between above or below the bar tuning by placing it exactly at your fingertips. The twisting motion for power up takes a little bit of focus while riding and the button for depower is easily accessed at all times. While it’s a big shift to the systems we have come to know, seamless controls like this are the future of the sport.

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This page was updated on July 16, 2019. 

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