This year Solaire and Blue Palawan hosted the 1st stop of the rapidly growing Kite Park League world tour. Palawan has so many great locations for kiteboarding, but none are quite as good for wake style and park riding as the water in-front of the Blue Palawan beach resort. With the full HDPE private kite park, it was the perfect spot to kick off the 2017 KPL season.

This year riders from more than 13 different countries gathered together on the beautiful island of Palawan. There was wind every day to get the 2017 Kite Park League under way. In this video you can see how the event ran and some back ground on the heats, tricks and riders that attended.

Curious about our Spring 2017 cover? The guys at the KPL built this unique bamboo box for the event. A controversial feature at first, the KPL judges voted it in nonetheless. Sam light jibbed his way to the top of the 2017 Blue Palawan Open and shares his road map for dominating a slider contest in our latest issue. Available here: ow.ly/frVc305a8jk