Sizes Available: 132, 135, 138, 141cm
Sizes Tested: 135 x 40cm

North Says:

Speeding ahead in Freeride performance is the Select. Its feather light weight is courtesy of the premium Textreme Carbon Construction, which lays the foundation for the rest of its outstanding characteristics. Underfoot, its magic carpet feel is responsive, energetic and engaging due to the Medium Flex, especially when teamed with the cushy NTT footpads. Early planing and epic grip also allow the Select to adapt to the needs of those with a certain passion for Freestyle. What are you waiting for? The Select is premium kiteboarding at its best!

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Our Testers Say:

“It’s a carbon fiber clad lightweight performance board that offers a smooth ride through the chop as well as instant pop.” // Justin Lord.

“Smooth, dependable and efficient for carves and transitions.” // Chris Borodic.

“Sleek, attractive and lightweight. I love this board.” // Rhonda Reyna.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This is the first year we tested the Select with its carbon construction which North folks call Textreme. The Select is billed as a freeride board with its flatter rocker, softer flex pattern and simple single concave bottom morphing into a single channel through the tips. Compared to the Jaime we tested in regular construction, the carbon version of the Select features an overall lighter weight with a softer flex pattern, smaller 4.5 fins and a less aggressive bottom shape in the tips. This translates to a more forgiving freeride board that feels a little faster, is highly efficient through the water and has a little less grippy ride for a more forgiving feel for more all around kiteboarding. You will appreciate the lighter weight when you get this board in the air and throw in some spins. Testers found this board to be a little more playful and perhaps a better fit for the all around progressing kiter that doesn’t need a locked in loadable freestyle stick (for that there’s the Jaime) and wants the lively feel of a lightweight twin tip that does everything well from sending big air with soft landings to zooming upwind to laying skatey carves into the face of chop. The Select comes with North’s track system which allows you to dial in the perfect stance width (tracks are ducked not centered) and the bindings offer a large amount of adjustment options to set your duck. The NTT bindings setup comes with straps that feature super comfy terry cloth-like texture over your arch with three Velcro adjustment zones to dial in your overall fit with two options for setting the strap’s attachment width. The foot beds are fairly dense rubber beds with solid grip and have subtle contour under the arch with grippy style toe bumps. Overall, a very refined binding that is compact, adjustment rich and very comfortable.


This page was updated on July 16, 2019.