Sizes Available: 137, 140, 143cm
Sizes Tested: 137, 140cm

Liquid Force Says:

The Carbon Drive is the newest candidate in the carbon campaign. The Carbon Drive shares the same core configuration as its standard construction brother. A simple all around outline with a single concave bottom shape and a full wood core makes this board an all condition kiteboarders dream! The Carbon Drive is the first of its class in the affordable progression kiteboard category. From first time rides to sky high jumps, the Carbon Drive will never let you down.

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Our Testers Say:

“Drives upwind like its name implies.” // Dray Murray.

“A badass black board with an old school diner style ‘drive’.” // Justin Lord.

“Nice, lightweight board. I got some awesome air on this.” // Jon Dixon.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

For 2017 LF ports one of its longstanding popular twin tip shapes into their proprietary carbon construction. The carbonated version of the Drive features a single concave from tip to tip with a simple bottom shape and rounded square tips. With 4.0 fins and a fairly straight rocker, the Drive feels incredibly efficient through the water, yet is both forgiving in the worst chop but overall offers a fun, skatey and forgiving ride. When you romp on your heel side edge the Drive tends to hammer upwind which makes this board a great all arounder that does everything fairly well with solid fun factor peformance. Compared to the standard Drive (tested last year), we think this version offers a little stiffer flex pattern where you can pound out a bit more load and pop in freestyle and you will notice the reduced weight anytime you leave the water, particularly during rotations. The Drive features three stance width adjustments and a series of stance duck adjustments. The straps have different adjustments for width within the footpad and the strap itself feels incredibly plush and comfy with a terry cloth lining and a clean adjustment system that is easy to make changes on the fly. The footbeds have a nice rubber texture and come with three different density inserts so you can adjust the density of the footbed to your liking as well as subtle heel cupping and a nice toe bump that keeps you glued to the Drive. Testers gave these strap/pad combo high praise for comfort and control.